What is the Molecular structure of CMC? What is the Carboxymethyl celluloses structure Molecules are most extended (rod-like) at low concentrations, but at higher concentrations the molecules overlap and coil up and then, at high concentrations, entangle gel. Increasing ionic strength and reducing pH both decrease the viscosity as they cause the polymer to become more […]

All of the detail about  PAC Polyanionic Cellulose MSDS is below. SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION Product Name: Polyanionic Cellulose CAS Number: 9004-32-4 Chemical Name: Polyanionic Cellulose Synonyms: PAC Uses: Drilling Fluid SECTION 2: HAZARD IDENTIFICATION This product has been classified in accordance with the hazard communication standard 29 CFR 1910.1200; the SDS and labels contain all […]

Description of PAC Polyanionic cellulose manufacturing process PAC Polyanionic cellulose manufacturing process in details is below. Preparation method of water-based drilling high viscosity PAC polyanionic cellulose FIELD 1 The present invention relates to a technical field of production of cellulose polyanionic, and particularly to a method for preparing water-based drilling polyanionic cellulose with a high viscosity. Background technique […]

Every chemcials have special CAS number. Each CAS number has their own identity The CAS Number of a compound is a useful way to identify a chemical over its name. For example, the compound CAS 64-17-5 refers to ethanol. Ethanol is also known as ethyl alcohol, ethyl hydrate, absolute alcohol, grain alcohol or hydroxyethane. The […]

PAC Polyanionic Cellulose so beneficial especially in drilling. It reduces fluid loss and getting best result with this polymers from formation.This polymer also adjust the determination of formation. Some of the main purposes of PAC Polyanionic cellulose composition is below. Geting best result from formation Protecting clay from electrode effects Swelling of shale formations and the dispersion Component(s) […]