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Lignosulfonate as oil well drilling additives

Lignosulfonate as oil well drilling additives-1

Lignosulfonate as oil well drilling additives

Lignosulfonate was one among the dispersive material and using as additive in concrete. Lignosulfonate uses a water reducers. once using in mixed with concrete, it regulates the setting time and also reduce water loss. It costs is low as a result of victimization in wide areas and conjointly its restricted performance. There tree kind of this item named calcium, sodium and magnesium. It seems brown, aromatic-smelling powder or as brown 30–40% solutions.Lignosulfonate will wide use in oil well drilling fluids and dispersion of pigments. It is additionally the most common set retarder for oil well cementing.

Lignosulfonate has dispersant properties

There are efforts to find a substitute for this kind of sulfonate in building and drilling operations. it’s not dangerous material and have binder, surface-active agent and dispersant properties. This chemical will retain moisture and suppress dirt makes them a great tool for construction works, airports and sports facilities. Lignosulfonate can stabilize emulsions of immiscible fluids like asphalt emulsions, chemical preparations, pigments and dyes. It additionally set temporal order of thickening well and also best retarder particularly uses in drilling business.

Sodium Lignosulfonates

Sodium Lignosulfonate looks yellow brown powder and may soluble in composition. as a result of being anionic provides that good therefore solubility material and dispersion capability so on metal its wide uses petroleum, textile constriction business. We can get sodium Lignosulfonate from bamboo pulping process.It is widely uses such as in resin, rubber, dyes, pesticides, ceramics, cement, asphalt, feed. In addition. It also used in industry, such as water treatment, coal slurry, concrete, etc

Calcium lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonate is in the main utilized in food business as an additive. For example as an surface-active agent in animal feed, as raw material within the production of chemical compound, and as a boiler additive. it’s a light-yellow-brown powder that’s soluble , however much insoluble in organic solvents.Cascium Lignosulfonate be widely usea as water reducing admixtures for cement, pesticide suspension concentrates, ceramic body reinforcing agents, coal lurry dispersants, tanning agents for leather, refractory material binders, carbon black granulation agents and so on, are used in various industries and have won a good reputation among users.

lignosulfonates filteration

While purification evaporation or chemical action metallic element magnesium derivates will get from pulping liquid. Lignosulfonate additionally sensible reducer of concretion. Having filtration and dispersive properties make this proceed an agent for ceramic.Work as dust-suppression roads as well as in dusty processes within industry. Lignosulfonate is used as a dispersant in products like fodder, disperse pesticides, dyes,carbon black, and other insoluble solids and liquids.

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