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Colombian gilsonite natural asphalt products

Colombian gilsonite natural asphalt products-1

Colombian gilsonite natural asphalt products

The Colombia Gilsonite Company has decided to participate in the development of asphaltite assets through its equity participation in a company called Colombian Gilsonite company The asphaltite resources, in particular, will afford the Company the access to large and very profitable markets for exports and domestic needs as Colombia tackles its burgeoning need to expand its road infrastructure as well as service other industrial uses.
Colombia Gilsonite is compatible with any type of mud and can be used against circulation loss, along with other materials such as mica, calcium carbonate from pre-measured particles, gilsonite, etc.

Colombian Gilsonite advantage

Gilsonite residue can be partially removed by common treatments, with hydrochloric acid solution or sodium hypo chlorite. Colombia Gilsonite is 55% soluble in 15% HCl at 100 Cº (212 ºF).

-An effective material to bridge and seal a large variety of formations.

-Outstanding against circulation loss, due to its exceptional particles, smaller than those of common materials but larger than the solids, which contain almost all type of drilling mud.

-Offered in three grades: fine grain (original product), medium, and coarse, to permit the selection of the proper size for each specific case.

-Do not need additives.

-Compatible with all types of drilling mud and with other materials against circulations loss.

-Easily mixes and scatters in the mud.

Colombia Gilsonite goes easily through most of the mud screens (vibrating mud screens).

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