Shingle roof tile

Shingle roof tile

Shingle roof is a kind of roof that is made from asphalt due to its waterproofing properties. When water runs down the roof cover, it flows over each shingle roof as far as it stretches to the eaves where it drips over the edge into the gutters or falls to the ground. This kind of roof is one of the most well-known and economical roofs and the most common roofing material in North America. Its installation is quite simple and straight forward to skillful roofers. Shingle roof is adjusted from the base of the roof upwards and usually overlap to support adequate coverage. It is installed in like a pattern that each seam or joint is overlapped by a shingle further up the roof. Lots of them meet Energy Star standards that permit you to save on energy bills. These roofing systems have various shapes, textures and colors which make them architecturally adjustable. They reflect sunlight great; this feature makes them qualified in hot climates. They are also excellent resistant against fire damage and algae growth. They need to be cleaned with specialized solutions because the can crumble due to moss growth and accumulated debris.

Differences of shingle roof and tile roof

The first remarkable difference between shingle roof and tile roof is price. There is no doubt that tile is much more expensive than shingle, usually at least double the price. You have to recognize the cost of installation too when looking at these tiles, because it’s too exorbitant. The second important thing to be considered is climate. Tiles function great in cold climates, they are not compatible with warm and sunny areas. Snow simply slides from their surface so that they are excellent conductors. Shingles have a great function of reflecting sunlight and keeping the inside of the house cooler and decreasing home cooling costs in warm areas. And the last consideration that needs to be noticed is weight. Which type of roofing that is chosen, the rest of the structure will need to provide its weight. Every roof is not qualified to take the weight of a heavy tile, however shingles are lighter. Based on the carrying capacity of the roof you are allowed to choose your roof system.

Shingle roof has main types

Asphalt shingle roof (this type is the most common one) Slate shingle Wood shingle Metal shingle Clay or concrete shingle