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Hole stabilizer

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Hole stabilizer

Gilsonite hole stabilizer is a premium grade pre-coupled natural asphalt, blended with select high temperature resin. Gilsonite hole stabilizer offers a variable softening point, ranging from 400 F to 430 F+. Gilsonite hole stabilizer is a naturally occurring solid carbonaceous asphaltite material, sourced from select mines of Turkey.

Gilsonite stabilizing hole well

Gilsonite hole stabilizer offers significant advantages over blown, untreated, chemically altered or sulfonated asphalt materials. ATDM conducted extensive testing between asphalts and Gilsonite hole stabilizer , and the results are published in the SPE Drilling Engineer , 2006 publication, entitled New Laboratory tests evaluate The Effectiveness of Gilsonite hole stabilizer Resin as a Bore Hole Stabilizer. Their publication states that the results of their extensive testing revealed that treated and sulfonated asphalt type materials generally possess a higher degree of solubility, and as such are not effective in plugging borehole surfaces. Their testing further revealed that the asphalt products showed to have a deeper invasion into the test media.

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