Bitumen pellets

Bitumen pellets

Bitumen pellets-1

Bitumen pellets

Our asphalt bitumen pellets container differ compound according to customer recipe or we produce six types of asphalts pellets:

Asphalt pellets Sulphur blended

It will support the road to keep the binder and absorb molecular bound between the aggregates and bitumen. The addition of sulphur makes it possible for softer asphalts to be used in order to reduce low-temperature cracking without the high temperature deformation also paving materials based on sulphur-asphalt and binder exhibit a better resistance to water as compared to conventional mixes

Asphalt pellets Gilsonite blended

Tensile strength – The addition of Gilsonite significantly increased both the unconditioned and moisture-conditioned tensile strength.

Compressive strength – Gilsonite-modified binders showed significant improvement in compressive strength.

Rutting strength – Gilsonite Modified binders significantly increased projected pavement life. In all but one case, adding Gilsonite yielded a ten-fold increase.

Fatigue resistance – The projected pavement life is 1.5 to 5 times longer with the Gilsonite-modified binders.

Asphalt pellets Fiber mix

Fiber in asphalt pellets, as an additive, can improve the performance of asphalt concrete and be widely used. A combination of 1.8% of lignin fiber and 2.4% of polyester fiber plus 3.0% polypropylene fiber presented the best reinforcement of the hybrid fiber. The cost-benefit model verifies that the hybrid fiber can bring about comprehensive pavement performance and good economy.

Asphalt pellets SBS mix

SBS in asphalt pellets create elasticity in low temperature and in hot temperature create strength. It is reduce temperature susceptibility by increasing the bitumen viscosity at high temperatures and improve elastic recovery under high stress loads.

Asphalt pellets Rubber mix

It is low cost additive which asphalt pellets in concrete has been shown to increase the fatigue resistance and durability and partially the action is like SBS additives. It help environmental to use recycle tyre in the asphalt and save earth.

Asphalt pellets Masterbatch

Asphalt masterbatch pellets is working as modifier of asphalt and change properties of roads in high temperature and low temperature, high cycling and oxidation and fatigue.