Residue wax foots oil

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Residue wax foots oil

Foots oil or residue wax is remained product of slack wax after pressing and de-coloring.Foots oil is considered as a paraffinic wax with lower aromatic element , well kind of stability and high viscosity. Residue wax is in solid form at room temperature and melts above 45 – 55 °C. residue wax flashpoint is about 240 °C and  boiling point above 270 °C.

Foots oil storage and keeping conditions

residue wax is not flammable, but may burn. Due to potential reactions with oxidation  materials Foots oil (residue wax) should be stored safely.The  storage place degree should not exceed 50 °C. residue wax is low toxicity while inhaled, swallowed or in contact with skin . foots oil causes No irritation of skin or eyes also no allergic skin reaction or respiratory sensitization from animal tests. mild irritation of the skin, dryness or cracking after repeated contact will occur. Foots oil is not soluble in water and will float on the surface of water. Therefore, tests on short/long-term aquatic toxicity, invertebrates and algae were carried out on water accommodated fractions and as a conclusion that these base oils are practically non-toxic. Foots oil is low risk in all applications due to the non-hazardous nature of the product.

Foots oil (residue wax) uses

the main usage of foots oil is for matches industry since its oil content is about 50% and has strong odor and color is quite brown .Residue wax (foots oil) is final remained product of slack wax after pressing and de-coloring.Other uses are plastic, textile, lubricants, explosive, fire work, hydrophobia impregnation material, fuel brick component, grease lubricants ,tire, rubber and shoe soil making .leather and rubber industries, as well as petroleum jelly and white oil manufacturing.

Packing of foots oil

Foots oil commonly packed in used steel drum , since it is lower price product and packing in new steel drum or flexi tank is not competitive .Cause of high oil content , carton or bag is not possible as the packing of reside wax .

ANALYSIS OF foots oil

Residue wax
40-50% Oil content
40-50 % Wax content
Yellow to  brown Color
241-255c Flash point
40-45c Drop melting point