Producer and exporter of chemical

Producer and exporter of chemical-1

Producer and exporter of chemical

The global chemical industry is mostly controlled by few multinational companies as they have the patent right of the products. Turkey is one of the biggest producer and exporter in military and industry field.

Polymer and Plastics

The products produced by the chemical industry have a broad range of uses in the food industry, health care, and transportation industries as well. Agriculture, manufacturing, and industries involved in consumer goods also depend on chemical companies for products

Chemical Goods

The chemical industry itself is the largest single purchaser of chemical products. These products are used to create reactions and produce other materials. For this reason, factories supplying essential chemicals are often located next to other chemical production facilities.

Oil is essential to the production of many chemical products. Polymers as well as many plastics are manufactured from it. Since plastics represent a significant proportion of chemical industry activity, the oil industry has a huge impact on plastic and polymer production