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Sodium chloride uses as inhibitor in drilling mud and fluid

Sodium chloride uses as inhibitor in drilling mud and fluid-1


Sodium chloride uses as inhibitor in drilling mud and fluid

Sodium chloride is a salt that additionally exist in human body to manage quantity of water. It uses to prevents sodium loss as a result of dehydration, excessive sweating, or different causes. it’s additionally a weighting agent prevents fluid loss and will increase the density of mud. It can even offer inhibition to formations containing water sensitive clays and shales.

It is primarily used in low density clear workover and completion fluids not requiring extremely inhibitive calcium or potassium chloride. It can even be used to increase the density of other brines fluids such as seawater, or unsaturated potassium version brines. Another property of these salt is act as a substance to manage clay dispersion.

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Usages of Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride is used as an inhibitor to manage active shale and clay dispersion. This product uses as a chemical compound mud to reduce the formation of gas hydrates. sodium chloride has retarding properties for dissolution of salt sections and salt stringers. It also regulates the water rate in oil mud. Sodium chloride finely ground version can be used as a weighting and bridging agent for lost circulation in saturated salt system. The salinity and density of water increase by adding this salt into drilling fluid.

Sodium chloride (NaCl) are the foremost normally used types in formulating drilling fluids for the Oil & Gas industry. This salt kind of brine having the exact range of elements and can endure an increasing pressure and temperature. This one most popular as a result of they need higher densities than water however lack solid particles that may injury producible formations. categories of brines including brines sodium chloride), bromides and formats.

Usages of this material in drilling method prevents tons of major problem like hole pack-off, stuck pipe and loss circulation. Fluid contamination which ends from the overtreatment of the mud system with additives or foreign material getting into the drilling system throughout drilling operations causes unwanted changes within the properties of the mud. This makes the system inefficient in acting its major roles. sodium chloride have physics properties of water-based system that is most at risk of contamination.

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