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Self adhesive bitumen membrane

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Self adhesive bitumen membrane

Self adhesive membrane (SAM) is a kind of modified bituminous waterproofing sheet membrane that has the feature of self adhesing. Additionally certain resins and oils may be added to enhance adhesion performance. Nowadays, there has been a tendency to alter the application of modified bitumen roof membranes from hot asphalt toward better interplay adhesives .These sheets can laminated onto variouse kinds of films and fabrics. These membranes have a factory controlled thickness for in-built quality control. For an easy and a convenient application they are given in rolls.

Self adhesive membrane keeps the passage of water and also water vapour. These types of sheets generally may be used for basement tanking and damp roofing as better as wet rooms and supporting a physical object against gasses.

These types of membranes can replace traditional supportive membranes. Incorporating durable films with fewer thickness of the membrane, the carbon footprint and natural force decreases by 200 percent compared to traditional systems. These modified bitumen membranes attend a small but growing presence in the merchandise.

Self adhesive membrane should be stored and protected as below

Self adhesive membrane is commonly packaged and stored in cardboard boxes or should be conserved with opaque wrapping. Those products that are unprotected are not allowed to be stored in direct sunlight due to UV rays that may affect the adhesive features.  Membrane cartons should be stored on pallets and should be kept Keep away from sparks and flames. They must be stored dry and preserved from rain, sun, heat and low temperatures, and the oldest batch of products must be used first because long storage time and conditions can change its properties.

The installation of Self adhesive membrane

Installation of self adhesive membrane  is very convenient, safe and simple for the applicator. Historically these products have been torch-applied, mop-applied using hot asphalt (SBS only), or applied with solvent-based adhesives. Membranes also should only be spread to a tolerable layer, consider the specific manufacturer for acceptable substrates.

Dissimilar to all the other methods for adhering modified bitumen these sheets don’t need for any form of any liquid adhesives. Thus there aren’t any fumes, VOCs, or flames on the rooftop. This is the advantage of self-adhesives. It also happens to be the drawback. As a result of no form of liquid to wet and fully pierce the surface of the layer, more care must be taken during installation.Historically these products have been torch-applied, mop-applied using hot asphalt (SBS only), or applied with solvent-based adhesives

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