confi trol

Confi trol

Confi Trol is synthetic combination of different mixture of Hydrocarbon to use for HTHP filtration control in invert oil / synthetic base systems at temperatures above 400 0F (205 0C).It is compatible to all invert oil / synthetic base systems and can be used both in the initial formulation or for treatment while drilling.Initial treatment in the range of 2 – 10 lb/bbl (5.71 – 28.53 kg/m3) is recommended, although higher concentrations may be necessary in extreme cases. Pilot testing should be conducted to determine actual concentration needed in each case.

Confi trol HT

Confi trol HT is to be added to a newly mixed mud prior to displacement, the addition should be made after all other components have been mixed thoroughly. One of the additives in oil base drilling fluids is HTHP fluid loss reducer that functions as small particles that bridging the pore opening in mud cake to reduce mud filtrate. As per Iraning oil well drilling companies research on performance of synthetic HTHP fluid loss reducer in various types of oil base mud have a solid objective which is to evaluate the performance of various types of HTHP fluid loss reducer in various types of oil base mud. By using four different types of synthetic oil base comparing the performance each of these synthetic oil base as its rheology properties and behaviors in HTHP conditions and the performance each of its when applying different types of HTHP fluid loss reducer which includes of Confi-Trol F and Confi-Trol.