Gilsonite Bitumen

Gilsonite Bitumen

Gilsonite powder micronized 200 mesh, Natural asphalt granules between 10 to 70 mesh

Gilsonite is black hard resin and brittle that occurs as asphalt complexes in boarder of Turkey and Iraq.Gilsonite ore composed mainly of NSO compounds with subordinate saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Gilsonite powder is a common drilling mud additive, but it also is used in asphalt paving, roofing and construction paper, paint, ink, explosive, carbon electrodes, and various fuels. At the surface, the ore dikes range from several millimeters to more than 5m thick; some are exposed for up to 39km but most are less than 5km in length. The dike cut across various lower Eocene to Oligocene extension fractures caused by local overpressure in oil shale.ATDM Is Turkey the rock mine owner and manufacturer of lump and powder in various mesh size in powder and raw type lump with application including FLC which is Fluid Loss Control additives in oil well drilling mud and filtrate control as hole stabilizer for high temperature high pressure oil well HTHP, HTLP and as bitumen modifier to mix with asphalt to improve performance and stability of bitumen. The material is leading in roof coating, building product coating and road sealcoat crack sealer suppliers.

Gilsonite drilling fluid as fluid loss control additives , shale inhibitor , filtration

As the world No.1 supplier of Turkey gilsonite and liquid products, we market many different grades of drilling fluid HTHP gilsonite as fluid loss control additive for shale inhibitor , filitration control and bore hole stabilizer with low and high softening point , each with properties tied to a specific end-use. We are shipping direct from mine site and through vessel, truck and train also small quantity by airplane in over 90 countries around the world. The different packing of the material is 50LBS or 25Kg multi paper bag on pallet,bulk vessel and jumbo bag also micronized powder starting from 200 mesh to 600 mesh.From our plants we provide customers with a dependable supply of made-to-spec products in a variety of packaging options, including our refined gilsonite mixed with several additives for drilling propose in fluid loss control and cementing and obtained through a proprietary solvent extraction process. Our products are carefully screened for mesh, dried to controlled moisture specifications from around 1.5%, classified by particle size, held in large concrete silos until ready for final packaging, and stored in a covered warehouse prior to shipment. Our labs conduct extensive quality controls throughout the production process and every order is shipped with an individual certificate of analysis that guarantees its adherence to specifications.

Gilsonite in primer , mastic and enamel

Gilsonite is compatible with coating material, petroleum resin and oil, pitch and bitumen mixture, vegetable oil and decrease cost of material and homologue with most of materials used in the paint, varnish, primer, mastic, enamel and enamel industry, and at the same time are also highly resistant to acid and alkali materials.

Uses of Gilsonite natural asphalt in paving and mix with asphalt

Natural asphalt is used as performance-enhancing agents for modified paving mixes achieve higher performance grades (PG) and incorporate into an asphalt blend with no need for high shear mulling as in the case with some other modifiers. The use of SBS (styrene-butadiene- styrene) polymers may be partially or totally replaced by, or complemented by the presence of Gilsonite-modified asphalts can have higher stability, reduced deformation, reduced temperature susceptibility and increased resistance to water stripping as compared to non-modified asphalts. A difficulty in using natural asphalt as an asphalt modifier is that it is a solid, which is more difficultly handled and incorporated into viscous bitumen.On the other hand, a wide variety of polymers have been used as additives in bitumen compositions; For example, copolyrners derived from styrene and conjugated dienes, such as butadiene or isoprene, are particularly useful, since these copolyrners have good solubility in bitumen compositions and the resulting modified- bitumen compositions have good Theological properties.

Gilsonite is using as ink stabilizer

Advantage of Gilsonite in ink: Improves run ability of printing inks in case of low ink supply Reduces water absorption of offset printing inks Improves emulsification properties Avoids scrumming Improves printing properties of metal effect inks Gilsonite prevents clotting by adhering to molecules and moving them past each other, it is giving ink a smoother flow. Gilsonite, large molecules made from chains of basic repeating units, are excellent stabilizers. Gilsonite, with a particle size of 200 meshes, is an odorless and soluble powder in CS2 with softening point of 145C. Crude Gilsonite is not commercially marketable. Pulverized Gilsonite, or it is dust, is highly volatile and putting it in sacks is done as a safety measure. it is derived from surface active fraction of petroleum wildly distribute in ink field. It is used to improve dye receptivity and also stabilize and varnish the color of printing ink.

Gilsonite in foundry

Gilsonite is releasing gas and this gas is much higher than other normal additive which helps to release the mold easy. One of cost factors of foundry is is sand additive which Gilsonite can reduce this cost. It is unique foundry sand additive and produced for the foundry industry. It is an organic developed sand additive consistently more pure than other sand additives. When used as foundry additive in cores and molds Gilsonite effectively reduces surface defects and improves the quality of the castings.The material has excellent flow properties and requires less resin to achieve the required mold core bond strength.Foundry additive is selected lustrous carbon carrying carbonaceous additives and anti-scabbing agents. It is an indispensable additive for any foundry. It is suitable bonding agent additive is mixed or occurs with the sand. The mixture is dry and developed strength and plasticity of the foundry sands and to make the aggregate suitable for molding. The term “sand casting” can also refer to a casting produced via the sand casting process.

Gilsonite in coating and paint

Coating and painting by is a high quality coating with a brilliant, durable finish that is ideally suited for exterior surfaces such as metal and composition roofs, fire escapes, storage tanks, piping, structural steel, and all types of iron. It can also be used on concrete, masonry, or metal sidewalls. Coat and paints by Gilsonite is blend of itself with oil based solvent, thus it provides excellent protection from water, sunlight and snow.processing to sulfonated asphalt and pellets Our company is producer of sulfonated asphalt by Gilsonite also liquid cargo which is emulsion shape and modified gilsonite and widely using in drilling fluids. Sulphonated asphalt disperses the solid the solid expansion of drill chips.