What is the Molecular structure of CMC?

What is the Carboxymethyl celluloses structure Molecules are most extended (rod-like) at low concentrations, but at higher concentrations the molecules overlap and coil up and then, at high concentrations, entangle gel. Increasing ionic strength and reducing pH both decrease the viscosity as they cause the polymer to become more coiled.

What is Short Description of CMC?

Carboxymethyl celluloses is a derivative of cellulose formed by its reaction with alkali and chloroacetic acid.its sodium salt is used as a thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing agent and as a bulk laxative in medicine

What is the functionality of CMC?

What is CMC Carboxhymethyl cellulose function: This product can easily dissolve rapidly in cold water. They are mainly used for controlling high viscosity and low viscosity without gelling. As its viscosity drops during heating, it may be used to improve the volume yield during baking by encouraging gas bubble formation. Its control of viscosity allows use as a thickener, phase and emulsion stabilizer (for example, with milk casein), and suspending agent.