SBS bitumen membrane

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SBS bitumen membrane

SBS bitumen membrane is the abbreviation for Styrene Butadiene Styrene and they have been around for a few decades. These membranes are a kind of modified bitumen membranes that are made from combination of asphalt with rubber to make a superb durable product. This material is a plastic that already has the elastic properties and also it is a magnificent adhesion to the substrate on a flat roof installation. SBS bitumen membrane devises a watertight seal, it is resistant to heat, cold and wind and it supports insulation. This product has the ability to retain its shape after being stretched. It can perfectly absorb the working of underlying structures because it can stretch. These modified Bitumen sheets can also extend and be compatible with temperature, this feature makes it excellent for some kinds of weather that can change from freezing to balmy in the afternoon. Actually these modified sheets are really resistant to ageing; even after ageing they maintain their flexibility and elasticity, making them the optimal flat roof solution. They are also is opposing to mechanical harms and puncturing.

SBS bitumen membrane can be installed as below

SBS membrane can be installed over nearly any roof base including steel, wood, concrete and cement fiber. Its installation is quite simple and there are various ways to be achieved. Torch-applied, mechanically fixed or adhered with cold- process adhesives are some kinds of these ways. Those membrane sheets that do not have factory applied granule foil surfacing need some forms of field-applied ultraviolet defensive coating. They can be easily seal because they come in big sheets. In most situations, when a bituminous flat roof sheet gets to the end of its service life, a single layer can be installed over the top of the current system to restore and renew the durability of the waterproofing system. Through the installation of sturdy multilayer sheets the satisfying and guarantee feeling will be achieved for the owners of buildings. They can expect their SBS roof to last a long time with care and conservation about 20-30 years or even more. The less weight that is on your roof such as heavy snow, hail or rain will increase the membranes ageing too.

SBS bitumen membrane is most recommended for

SBS bitumen membrane is most suggested for commercial flat roof installations, coatings, sealants and paving among other application, where a balance of performance and cost is the capital involvement, and where asphalt fumes would not be an interruption to tenants, inhabitants, or students. When choosing SBS bitumen membrane, a layer of gravel or slate over the roofing will have to be conserved.