Cold asphalt

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Cold asphalt

Cold asphalt is ready to use pre-mix bituminous mixture is manufactured from selective aggregates, bitumen and a co-polymer creating a tenacious bonding material for permanent use and repairs. Asphalt in a Bag is an all weather road repair solutionis used widely round the world by the largest utility and public works departments, as well as state and provincial highway departments. Relied upon by professionals and homeowners who demand the best, permanent pavement repair material is available in pails, bags or bulk.

Cold Asphalt is the ideal solution for potholes, utility cuts and other repair applications. The product is easy to use, with a performance guarantee as a permanent repair. The product works in all conditions – including cold and wet applications. There is no tacking or mixing required. Simply apply, compact, then open to traffic immediately.

Cold asphalt is environmental friendly

Cold asphalt pavement repair is the number one selling pavement repair material in the world. Why? The product is environmentally sustainable, guaranteed permanent, and backed by the best Customer Service in the Industry.

Advantage of using cold asphalt

1. Permanent pothole repair solutions;

2. Suitable for all weather and environment;

3. No mixing, tacking or mechanical compaction required;

4. Installation can be driven on immediately;

5. Green and environment-friendly;

6. Being prone to storage.

7.Good repairing quality.

8.Wide applicability.

9.Cold asphalt is high material utilization.