Bitumen protection board

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Bitumen protection board

Bitumen Protection board is a semi hard board that is composed of blended bitumen and minerals strengthen with cellulose fibers. After the waterproofing membrane is applied to the foundation these boards operate as a constant conservation to most waterproofing and damp roofing systems against mechanical damage by backfilling and foot traffic. These Protection boards have the squeezed stability and impact defiance to resist even the vigorous load pressure. It protects the waterproofing membrane from piercing by the keen edges of strengthened steel and accumulates during the backfill process and late settlement. It can be easily cut, formed, and shaped to support impact resistance to any surface.

Bitumen Protection board can be installed as below

Bitumen Protection board manufactures in 2m2 sheets and this property simplifies its installation. There are two ways to install these boards. In the case that installing is directly in contact with a vertically applied membrane double sided tape should be used for sticking the board to the tack before backfilling. In this situation joints should be bandaged with girth tape to assure that conservation is supported without any risk of peril of backfill getting between the board and the membrane. During backfilling be sure that the board is not harmed. In the case that installing is on horizontal surfaces before loose laying a membrane then put the boards onto the blinding before taping the joints with girth tape. In this situation sheets should be weighted down to keep from gusts of wind.

Features and benefits of bitumen protection board

Bitumen protection board is very simple to manage and also adhere with Butanol or Bitumen sealant. Its thick, closed-cell structure and rough plastic cap sheets withstand both moisture absorption and corruption from long-term exposure to chemicals in the soil. Several boards can be handle for further protection. This type of board is very flexible and giving great bond to the substrate, and dimensionally stable and also resistant to chemicals, normal weathering conditions and alkali attacks. They are also superior impact resistances and they have the ability to resist to normal site traffic. These kinds of protection boards are the most compatible substances with waterproofing systems; they also decrease installation because they are tough and support the amount of protection usually supported by thicker boards. They can be simply scored and folded and this feature provides continuous conservation at corners.