gilsonite bitumen

FLC 350 use in fluid loss control addtive


FLC 350 use in fluid loss control addtive

The fluid loss control FLC 350 is drilling fluid system is formulated to maintain stability throughout the construction and evaluation of ultra-high temperature wells with bottom hole static temperatures (BHST) of greater than 500 F (260 C). The system will maintain stable rheological profiles with all the characteristics needed to deliver cost-effective drilling rates in thermally hostile down hole environments.
Gilsonite natural asphalt acts as a protective colloid in oil-in-water emulsion systems, providing stability in downstream processing.

FLC 350 mud additive Gilsonite

Gilsonite Natural asphalt drilling mud additive utilized as a fluid loss control FLC 350 and mud stability; reduces gel strength with little effect on viscosity, particularly in low solid systems.

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