This invention relates to what is a walnut shell blasting generally to methods for removing adherent materials, for example, paint, flashes, burrs, , or liquid carrier medium or a mixture of gas and liquid to  remove the unwanted Surface material. so what is a walnut shell blasting , Suitable blasting equipment propels the media, via a pressurized air stream, against a Surface of an object. In view of the environmental   what is a walnut shell blasting and health hazards involved in the use of Solvents for cleaning Surfaces, in particular, large exterior Surfaces, it has become common practice to use an abrasive blasting technique wherein abrasive particles are propelled by a high pressure fluid against the Solid  in order to dislodge previously applied coatings, Scale, dirt, grease or other contaminants. Hard, durable Surfaces, Such as heavy Steel plating can be cleaned or Stripped by a hard abrasive Such as Sand. Softer metals. Such as aluminum or more delicate  as polymer composite layerS may require the use of a Softer abrasive material during blasting Such as plastic pellets or Sodium bicarbonate.