Gilsonite Resin in Adhesives

Gilsonite is a high purity, natural resin. Gilsonite offers low-cost and high-performance features that formulators of adhesives should evaluate when color is not a determining factor.

Gilsonite is soluble in common adhesive solvent systems, and has wide compatibility with common elastomers and resins. Of particular significance to formulators of contact adhesives and construction mastics is the good compatibility of Gilsonite with neoprene rubber and the effectiveness of Gilsonite as an end-block resin for Kraton. The hot melt formulator will recognize the potential for Gilsonite in combination with EVA and polyethylene.

Gilsonite enhances shear and peel strengths to wood, paper, glass, aluminum and concrete. And, since Gilsonite is a naturally occurring resin, it has FDA approval for uses in contact with food. Also, Gilsonite is categorized as safe under all known industry health guidelines.

Gilsonite will reward the adhesive formulator with a substantial reduction in raw material cost with no sacrifice in performance.