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Gilsonite exported in high quantity since 2013

Due increase of crude price and then bitumen price Chinese started to buy Gilsonite from Iran again in high volume.Normally they are buying in raw form and pulverizing in very fine particle size to save some cost and control the quality.On September and October compare other months since 2013 till today,Iranian exporter suppiled Gilsonite based on 7000MT lump to Qingdao port packed in 1000Kg jumbo bag.On end of October and Novermber more than 10000MT booked and in high season of [...]

Gilsonite used in lithium base batteries and duration of charge decreased to just 5 minutes

The Rice lab of chemist James Tour developed anodes comprising porous carbon made from gilsonite that showed exceptional stability after more than 500 charge-discharge cycles. A high-current density of 20 milliamps per square centimeter demonstrated the material’s promise for use in rapid charge and discharge devices that require high-power density.Above image -Scanning electron microscope images show an anode of gilsonite, graphene nanoribbons and lithium at left and the same [...]

Gilsonite in self heating asphalt repair system

Cracks in asphalt are a common sight, but a pain to repair. It is expensive and because the roads need to be closed down for construction, traffic jams occur. Researchers at polymer institute of research and development in Iran are working on a solution by creating pothole proof, self-healing asphalt, which can be mended using a magnet field.Bitumen is a sticky, viscous black binder used in road construction, made from petroleum. The bitumen is mixed with [...]

Advances gilsonite based filter to sequester greenhouse gas at wellhead

Researchers advance asphalt-based filter to sequester greenhouse gas at wellhead(Nanowerk News) Rice University scientists have found a way to make their asphalt-based sorbents better at capturing carbon dioxide from gas wells: Just add water.The Rice lab of chemist James Tour discovered that treating grains of inexpensive Gilsonite asphalt with water allows the material to adsorb more than two times its weight in the greenhouse gas. The treated asphalt selects carbon dioxide over [...]

Gilsonite market is on shortage now

Due flood in mine area only stocker and two mine has possibility of supply now. Due the shortage of Gilsonite and demand in local market price increased to double and expecting to increase more as well. Most of asphalt factories and oil well drilling companies using and argue the delay but there is no other chance till two weeks later to get Gilsonite from other miner who will come to service after taken out the water.At this condition there should be more care against new supplier and [...]

Refined Gilsonite used in toner ink

Gilsonite as toner printing inkWe are successfully produced refined Gilsonite to use in toner ink. To show differences of the result and performance of our refined Gilsonite with normal gilsonite we have tested both of them and the result is came out as above picture.Sample A is 4% ash content and performance is too weak and Sample B is 6.5% ash content but result is quite positive and quality accepted by Japanese ink maker.The Gilsonite is still organic and [...]

what is differences of Gilsonite and oxidized bitumen and hard bitumen of Iraq

What is differences of Gilsonite with Hard asphalt (oxidized bitumen) and Iraq hard bitumen (Chrystal)Gilsonite is mineral products and made after 1000 of years under ground from crude oil and during these years light stuff vapored and hard and heavy component is including wax and ash plus sulfur and none aromatic contained like calcium, potassium, silica and other minerals. Physical properties of Gilsonite are bright and brittle also smell is heavy. Density of Gilsonite is more [...]

How many tons of Gilsonite Iran and USA export to worldwide market?

Since American Gilsonite bankrupted and closed,most of buyer shift to Iran Gilsonite and started to procure the material from Iran market.Becuase of negative reports of American Gilsonite on Iran Gilsonite,most of buyers hesitate to even test it but step by step buyers unstrstood Iran quality is much higher than American and now they are  importing volume goods.The picture is visit of American at Iran Gilsonite mines! American gilsoniteAmerican Gilsonite exported annually [...]

How to use Gilsonite?

In this blog will reply to all question of Gilsonite user that how they can melt and blend with solvent,bitumen and even water!Mix of Gilsonite need heat up,wait for a while and mix well with proper impeller.In this blog will reply to all question of Gilsonite user that how they can melt and blend with solvent,bitumen and even water!Mix of Gilsonite need heat up,wait for a while and mix well with proper impeller.​MIXING PROCESS OF GILSONITEThe  [...]

Formula of using Gilsonite in production of bitumen membrane sheet

Formula of mixing Gilsonite into bitumen to make cheap and high quality bitumen membrane sheet.If you consider each batch of mixing Gilsonite  and Bitumen based on 8 tons then you need to blend:1. 3MT equal 37.5% bitumen 160-2202. 1.5MT Gilsonite equal to 18.5%3. 3MT Talc powder equal to 37.5%4. 0.5MT waste plastic Gilsonite increases in the shear strength of these mixture at the relatively high temperatures encountered in roofing membrane sheet applications. [...]

Gilsonite price on August 2019

Too much Gilsonite orderAfter bitumen price increased most of membrane companies forced to blend cheap product with bitumen to reduce the cost so they ordered too much Gilsonite and miners have no other way to increase the price.Gilsonite mine under waterDue heavy rain in Gilsonite mine still some of the mine are nit started and there is limit of material now.Hot weather and shortage of workerBecuase of earth quick most of worker working in their home to repair the roof and [...]

Gilsonite price has direct relation to oil price

Gilsonite price has direct relation to HSFO rate and normally processed Gilsonite (200 mesh and packed in bag) is 2/3 of HSFO rate EW of factory.Price record of Gilsonite natural rock asphaltNormally Gilsonite price is depend on vailibility and season.On wintertime when rain comming the gilsonite mine will become full of water and mine will colse but in summer time miner expoloring the Gilsonite mine and depo the material.So in winter gilsonite price is [...]


Gilsonite powder is oil well drilling mud additiveFor many years, Gilsonite has been added to drilling fluids to stabilise boreholes through shale stratigraphic intervals, preventing borehole enlargement. It is plugs micro fractures, bedding plane voids, and pore spaces and forms a thin film on the borehole wall. Gilsonite is added at about 1 to 3 kg per barrel of drilling mud. It is also reduces drill string torque and drag, and thus reduces the likelihood of stuck [...]


Gilsonite foundry sand help:1. Reduce imperfections due to the rapid reaction between the silica sand mold and the oxidized surface of molten iron.2. Improve sand peel from casting at shakeout.3.Produce smoother, cleaner casting surface.4. Minimise imperfections, casting losses, scrap.Foundry gilsonite additivesDuring pouring, the gases given off from the gilsonite which is carbonaceous additives form a gaseous film which prevents the molten metal from making direct contact with [...]


Gilsonite asphalt grade is natural occurring hydrocarbon substances characterized by a high softening point (above 110° C) in the class known as asphaltite. They are mined much like other minerals and sold essentially in their native state. They are fully compatible with asphalt and have long been known as asphalt hardeners and reinforcing agents. Gilsonite applicable in asphalt is currently sold all over the world as an asphalt modifier in the form of a dry bulk solid granular [...]


Maximum water and weather resistance is obtained by using a paint containing gilsonite coat and the gas-proofed tung or oiticica (or mixtures of the two) oil without the addition of any other drying oil, but it is found that while this combination is commercially usable, it is difficult to brush, and it is preferred to add a viscosity reducing drying oil. For this purpose it is found that perilla oil is particularly satisfactory. Other drying oils such as linseed, soya bean, sunflower seed, [...]


ATDM Gilsonite Ink grade is a quick drying high gloss and corrosion resistant asphalt enamel. It is using for fully resistance to water, acids, alkalis, electrolysis and natural elements.Gilsonite ink powder is readily soluble without heating in aromatic solvents (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and in most chlorinated solvents. It is also soluble without heating in aliphatic and low aromatic solvents (VMP and other Naphtha, Ink Oils and Mineral Spirits), but mixing time is longer. Without heating, [...]


Gilsonite has been the subject of exhaustive study to improve characteristics for use in paving. Various properties of asphalt are manipulated to produce a product that has the appropriate wear properties, rut resistance, fatigue and low temperature cracking resistance, adhesion strength, viscosity and pour point. Rut resistance is resistance to longitudinal surface depressions in the wheel paths. Adhesion strength is the maximum adhesion strength of the joint sealant and the joint reservoir, [...]

Drilling fluid

The invention relates to a composition comprising an drilling Gilsonite HPHT fluid loss control aid, stable at elevated temperatures and which also acts as an excellent shale stabilizer, bore hold lubricant, sealant for depleted sand, and wall cake conditioner. The HPHT gilsonite fluid loss control aid broadly comprises a Gilsonite (asphaltite, asfaltit,Gilsonita,uintaite, natural asphalt, natural bitumen) which also contains a surfactant such as a nonionic surfactant. The HPHT [...]

Gilsonite compatibility

Resin Compatibility DataThe compatibility data of gilsonite given below has been derived from solubility parametersª. Resins are considered compatible when they have similar solubility parameters and are measured in the same solvents. Three hydrogen bonding classes were used to classify the solvents.Solubility Parameters for GilsoniteSolubility Parameters for GilsoniteWeak Hydrogen-bonding Solvents (hydrocarbons, halocarbons, nitro [...]

Gilsonite encyclopedia

GilsoniteGilsonite (uintaite) [12002-43-6] is a natural hydrocarbon substance of the class known as asphaltites (see Asphalt), occurring as a coal-like solid which is mined much like other minerals and sold essentially in its native state.The only commercially important deposits of Gilsonite in the world are located in the Uinta Basin, in the northeast corner of Utah. From a point 6-8 km within Colorado (Rio Blanco County), the area involved extends westward about 100 km into Utah. [...]

Gilsonite metal content

Trace Metal Content of Gilsonite® ResinElementPercentageManganeseCopperZincCobaltNickelChromiumThalliumBariumSeleniumBismuthAntimonyBerylliumMercuryLeadCadmiumArsenic<0.0008%<0.0008%<0.0004%0.004%0.004%<0.0008%<0.001%<0.002%<0.04%<0.008%<0.008%<0.0008%0.004 [...]

Gilsonite polynuclear and polycyclical aromatic

Gilsonite Resin's Content ofPolynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PNA's)Or Polycyclical Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's) PNA Concentration in mg/kg (ppm) Selects 300 Grade Alternate Foundry Grade Foundry GradePNA [...]

Gilsonite® Resin,Spectral Data

Gilsonite® Resin, Its Production and Utilization - Spectral Data  Low Melt ResinGilsoniteHigh Melt [...]

Gilsonite Resin Typical Properties

Gilsonite Resin Typical PropertiesSelects 300, 350 and HM Grades  Selects 300Selects 350HMUltimate [...]

Gilsonite briquette or pellet binder

Principal applications briquette or gilsonite pellet binderGilsonite GPA Grade is an excellent binder that will increase the carbon content of metal alloys.PACKAGINGGilsonite GPA Grade is available in 50 lb. and 25 kilo net multi-ply paper bags which may be palletized and stretch wrapped. It is also available in bulk loaded trucks and a variety of bulk bag sizes.HEALTH & SAFETYGilsonite is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon. There is no known history of dermatitis, [...]