Gilsonite® Binder Grade

Principal Applications Asphalt Modification and Improvement Asphalt Pavement Sealer Explosives Briquette or Pellet Binder


Softening Point (ASTM E28-92) Ash (ASTM D271-70 M) Moisture (AGC Method) Penetration (25ºC, 100 gm, 5 sec.) Color in Mass Flash Point (COC) Sulfur Specific Gravity

166-180°C 330-355°F 2.0% Maximum 1.0% Maximum 0 Black 316ºC; 600ºF 0.3% 1.05


Typical Particle Sizing (ASTM E11-70)

% Retained (Cumulative)




+ 4 mesh + 10 mesh + 65 mesh + 150 mesh

0.0 0.5 23.0 58.0

0.1 2.0 32.0 68.0

0.0 0.0 13.2 47.1

  SOLUBILITY Gilsonite® resin Binder Grade is soluble in aromatic solvents (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and in most chlorinated solvents. It is also soluble in aliphatic and low aromatic solvents (VM&P and other Napthas, Ink Oils and Mineral Spirits), but mixing time is longer. Without heating, the pulverized grade is recommended. Upon aging, liquid solutions may thicken, and gelling can occur in solutions using aliphatic solvents. Binder Grade can be hot fluxed with asphalt to improve ductility and weathering properties. It is also compatible with waxes for special uses. Gilsonite is either insoluble or has limited solubility in most alcohols and ketones. PACKAGING Gilsonite Binder Grade is available in 50 lb. and 25 kilo net multi-ply paper bags which may be palletized and stretch wrapped. It is also available in bulk loaded trucks and a variety of bulk bag sizes. HEALTH & SAFETY Gilsonite is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon. There is no known history of dermatitis, lung disease or other health problems associated with handling of Gilsonite as supplied. Dusts are subject to combustion. Normal precautions used with flammable materials apply.