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What is waterborne price of bitumen?

Waterborne bitumenWaterborne bitumen price assessments are of trade in a defined volume of one or more bitumen grades, where ownership is transferred upon delivery from or to vessels at terminals within a defined region, and within a defined timeframe. For detailed parameters, see the assessments and specifications table at the end of this document.In the absence of confirmed waterborne trade, assessments are of the range in which spot trade could have occurred. ATDM will determine that range with reference to one or more of:•         fob markets, where the assessment is for cif/cfr trade•         cif/cfr markets, where the assessment is for fob [...]

March 24, 2021

base oil global market on shortage

Global base oil prices have extended their rise in response to firm supply-demand fundamentals. Prices are unusually high, supply is tight and demand is strong at a time of year when prices and market fundamentals typically weaken. That scenario is playing out differently this year.The recent strength in US base oil export prices highlights the ongoing supply tightness in that market. US Group I and Group II export prices have remained at a significant premium to domestic prices.Group II export prices are typically around $50-60/t lower than US domestic base oil prices.The price strength reflects the prolonged shutdown of a key US Gulf coast Group II base oil unit since end-August. It has coincided with plant maintenance work this month in the Mideast Gulf. The shutdowns have cut the number of supply sources for key import [...]

November 06, 2020

Bitumen forecast is going up

Bitumen is the Cinderella of oil products – it has gone from languishing at the bottom of the pile, while more desirable products hog the limelight — to becoming something of a star performer, relative to products such as gasoline, diesel and jet, which usually trade far above it.Part of the strength has come from good demand — road paving work is largely considered essential and has not simply stopped in many countries — while a reduction in road traffic has helped accelerate project work in some places.As of the end of last week (22 May) gasoline, diesel and bitumen for domestic consumption in Germany were all trading within $15/t of each other – almost unheard of, especially with bitumen being the most highly priced – but then we are in unprecedented times as the pundits [...]

June 02, 2020

what is differences of Gilsonite and oxidized bitumen and hard bitumen of Iraq

What is differences of Gilsonite with Hard asphalt (oxidized bitumen) and Iraq hard bitumen (Chrystal)Gilsonite is mineral products and made after 1000 of years under ground from crude oil and during these years light stuff vapored and hard and heavy component is including wax and ash plus sulfur and none aromatic contained like calcium, potassium, silica and other minerals. Physical properties of Gilsonite are bright and brittle also smell is heavy. Density of Gilsonite is more than 1.06 and due high wax content since didn’t refined when you mix it with other stuff and temperature coming down it will quickly convert to solid and do not allow to work on.Properties of oxidized bitumen or hard asphalt (oxidized bitumen) are different and working vice versa than Gilsonite!When you heat hard asphalt sealant or [...]

September 09, 2019

Refined Gilsonite used in toner ink

Gilsonite as toner printing inkWe are successfully produced refined Gilsonite to use in toner ink. To show differences of the result and performance of our refined Gilsonite with normal gilsonite we have tested both of them and the result is came out as above picture.Sample A is 4% ash content and performance is too weak and Sample B is 6.5% ash content but result is quite positive and quality accepted by Japanese ink maker.The Gilsonite is still organic and mineral and principal advantages of the ink include the capability of printing at high press speeds, the low cost of formulation and the elimination of petroleum. The ingredient, Gilsonite, may be fed to animals and indeed, fatty acids are edible.It is found that letterpress and offset inks having a viscosity in the range 20-over 1000 poises may be [...]

August 20, 2019

Gilsonite market is on shortage now

Due flood in mine area only stocker and two mine has possibility of supply now. Due the shortage of Gilsonite and demand in local market price increased to double and expecting to increase more as well. Most of asphalt factories and oil well drilling companies using and argue the delay but there is no other chance till two weeks later to get Gilsonite from other miner who will come to service after taken out the water.At this condition there should be more care against new supplier and cheaters that supply poor quality of material or even supply coal instead of Gilsonite and damage the market.Gilsonite in USA also is on shortage and source of material is limitDifferences of price between Iran and US are too high and are not economy to replace the material from somewhere else so is better to procure only the live demand [...]

May 09, 2019

Advances gilsonite based filter to sequester greenhouse gas at wellhead

Researchers advance asphalt-based filter to sequester greenhouse gas at wellhead(Nanowerk News) Rice University scientists have found a way to make their asphalt-based sorbents better at capturing carbon dioxide from gas wells: Just add water.The Rice lab of chemist James Tour discovered that treating grains of inexpensive Gilsonite asphalt with water allows the material to adsorb more than two times its weight in the greenhouse gas. The treated asphalt selects carbon dioxide over valuable methane at a ratio of more than 200-to-1.The material performs well at ambient temperatures and under the pressures typically found at wellheads. When the pressure abates, the material releases the carbon dioxide, which can then be stored, sold for other industrial uses or pumped back downhole.Adding water to asphalt-derived porous [...]

December 12, 2017

Gilsonite in self heating asphalt repair system

Cracks in asphalt are a common sight, but a pain to repair. It is expensive and because the roads need to be closed down for construction, traffic jams occur. Researchers at polymer institute of research and development in Iran are working on a solution by creating pothole proof, self-healing asphalt, which can be mended using a magnet field.Bitumen is a sticky, viscous black binder used in road construction, made from petroleum. The bitumen is mixed with aggregate particles for the use of road construction, but slowly crumbles down due to wear and tear, differences in temperature and chemical substances. The cracks that develop are first microscopic, but eventually grow under the weight of traffic.Benefit of Gilsonite in self repair asphaltTo make the self-healing asphalt which is blended by Gilsonite and [...]

October 17, 2017

Gilsonite used in lithium base batteries and duration of charge decreased to just 5 minutes

The Rice lab of chemist James Tour developed anodes comprising porous carbon made from gilsonite that showed exceptional stability after more than 500 charge-discharge cycles. A high-current density of 20 milliamps per square centimeter demonstrated the material’s promise for use in rapid charge and discharge devices that require high-power density.Above image -Scanning electron microscope images show an anode of gilsonite, graphene nanoribbons and lithium at left and the same material without lithium at right. The material was developed at Rice University and shows promise for high-capacity lithium batteries that charge 20 times faster than commercial lithium-ion batteries. Courtesy of the Tour Group“The capacity of these batteries is enormous, but what is equally remarkable is that we can bring them from zero [...]

October 08, 2017

Gilsonite exported in high quantity since 2013

Due increase of crude price and then bitumen price Chinese started to buy Gilsonite from Iran again in high volume.Normally they are buying in raw form and pulverizing in very fine particle size to save some cost and control the quality.On September and October compare other months since 2013 till today,Iranian exporter suppiled Gilsonite based on 7000MT lump to Qingdao port packed in 1000Kg jumbo bag.On end of October and Novermber more than 10000MT booked and in high season of Gilsonite China would be the market for Iranian miner.The only problem from now to March is rainly season and stop of business in mine area [...]

October 08, 2017