what is differences of Gilsonite and oxidized bitumen and hard bitumen of Iraq

what is differences of Gilsonite and oxidized bitumen and hard bitumen of Iraq

What is differences of Gilsonite with Hard asphalt (oxidized bitumen) and Iraq hard bitumen (Chrystal)

Gilsonite is mineral products and made after 1000 of years under ground from crude oil and during these years light stuff vapored and hard and heavy component remain.it is including wax and ash plus sulfur and none aromatic contained like calcium, potassium, silica and other minerals. Physical properties of Gilsonite are bright and brittle also smell is heavy. Density of Gilsonite is more than 1.06 and due high wax content since didn’t refined when you mix it with other stuff and temperature coming down it will quickly convert to solid and do not allow to work on.

Properties of oxidized bitumen or hard asphalt (oxidized bitumen) are different and working vice versa than Gilsonite!

When you heat hard asphalt sealant or oxidized bitumen there is not wax on to get solid in low temperature and allow worker to work on and has flow near the softening point.it is 100% pure without ash or minerals and sulfur content controlled since the raw material came from refinery and all hazardous elements segregated before blowing in oxidization tower. there is control in softening point and penetration during the production and accoridng to order can produce it.

oxidized bitumen

Iraqi hard bitumen (Chrystal) is wasted of cracking fuel from crude oil

Iraqi bitumen Chrystal or hard bitumen is different than above products and raw material is differ and made after crude oil heated up to 800C and all hydrocarbon gone and remain is very hard asphalt that most of the cargo damaged due high temperature and converted to coke and the remained is semi burned hard bitumen. The bitumen is very hard and crystalized and brittle and shiny as well. Since high temperature applied to raw material the sulfur already burnt and smell compare Gilsonite is much less. Other problem of Iraqi bitumen (hard bitumen) is model of storing in ground pool and mixture with soil during packing and pocket of excavator cannot control the depth of bitumen and during loading some soil will load to jumbo bag as well. Since it is waste of fuel maker in Kurdistan of Iraq (sulaymaniyah,Erbil and Duhok) there is not value for them and pack it in jumbo bag in lump shape and most of them ship to China and Malaysian companies.



oxidized bitumen

iraqi hard bitumen

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