Specification CMC carboxymethly Cellulose Technical Specification of CMC carboxymethly Cellulose for oil drilling liquids according to API

Specification of CMC carboxymethly Cellulose HV and LV

Type Specification of CMC HV and LV
CMC-HVT Viscometer 600r/min Distilled water 30.0 min
40g/dm3 brine 30.0 min
Saturated brine 30.0 min
Filtration Loss (ml) 10.0 max
CMC-LVT Viscometer 600r/min 90.0 max
Filtration Loss (ml) 10.0 max  

Specification of CMC carboxymethly Cellulose LV MV and HV

Appearance White or light yellow powder, freely flowable
Water,% 10 max
CMC,% 80.0 min 85.0 min 95.0 min
Substitution degree,% 0.80 min 0.65 min 0.8 min
PH 7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0 6.5-8.0

Properties and measurement of CMC carboxymethly Cellulose

Type Item Typical measured values
Distilled water Brine Saturated brine
Base mud Filtration loss, ml 60±10 90±10 100±10
Apparent viscosity, mPa•s 6 max 6 max 10 max
PH 8.0±1.0 8.0±1.0 7.5±1.0
HV-CMC Mud generating capacity, m3 /t 200 min 150 min 160 min
LV-CMC Filtration loss = 10ml Addition rate, g/l 7.0 max 10.0 max
Apparent viscositymPa•s 4.0 max 6.0 max
MV-CMC Addition rate,g/l 6.0 14.0 3.5
Apparent viscosity,mPa•s 15 min 15 min 15 min
Filtration loss,ml 9 max 9 max 9 max
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