Huntingdon Research Center Report

This report contains a description of the methods used and the results obtained during a study to investigate the acute toxicity of Bore-Plate to brown shrimp (Crangon crangon)

. The study was commissioned by Drill Aid Ltd. and undertaken between 13 - 17 November 1989.
Dates of Protocol Approval
Study Director : 3 November 1989.
HRC Ltd. Management : 3 November 1989.
Sponsor : 9 November 1989.
Identification : Bore- Plate Description : Black powder.
Purity : 100%.
Date of receipt : 8 November 1989.
Expiry : After December 1990.
Storage : In original container at room temperature.
Method of preparation : Direct dispersion in water.
Exposure Conditions
Test vessels : Glass aquaria holding 40 1 of test media.
Experimental design : 1 test concentration in duplicate, plus 1 control; 40 animals per test concentration.
Method of initiation: Shrimp were placed in prepared test media.
Loading: 0.81 g bodyweight/litre Pho
toperiod: 16 h light : 8 h dark
Temperature: 14 ± 1C
Aeration: Via two propeller stirrers
Test concentrations: 10000 mg/l in duplicate
Medium renewal: Daily
Duration of exposure: 96 hours
Criteria of death: Absence of (i) respiratory
movement and (ii) response to physical stimulation

All raw data and other documents generated at HRC during the course of this study, together with a copy of this final report, have been lodged in the HRC Archives, Huntingdon, England

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