Gilsonite paint selects 347

A low cost protective black coating for use on steel frames of automobiles, trailers, mobile homes, ocean-going containers, shipping drums and similar objects, where a low cost, durable, protective coating is required.


Durable high gloss coating with excellent acid and alkali resistance. Has very good bonding characteristics. Excellent weatherability and water resistance. Easy application by brush or spray.

Formulation/Method of Manufacture
25% 80-100 Pen Asphalt
25% Gilsonite Resin
50% Rule 66 Exempt Mineral Spirits (33 KB)

1. Heat Asphalt and Gilsonite to 350°F (175°C)
2. Hold for four (4) hours.
3. Add Mineral Spirits under reflux conditions.
NOTE: Solvent systems should be adjusted for geographical conditions.

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