Gilsonite medium oil varnish

Can be used alone on metal or wood surfaces as a standard chassis black type paint, or as a vehicle for pigmented paints, including leafing aluminum.
Provides greater adhesion and flexibility than chassis black. Better chemical and corrosion resistance because of improved wetting of metal surfaces.
Formulation/Method of Manufacture
15% Medium Oil Linseed
5% Tung Oil
15% Gilsonite Resin
40% Mineral Spirits
20% Xylene
4% Mixed Driers
1% Anti-Skimming Agent

1. Blend 75% Medium Linseed and 25% Tung Oil heated to 500°F (260°C) for one hour to required G-H viscosity.
2. Blend in Gilsonite at 350°F (175°C) for one hour, cool, then thin with Mineral Spirits and Xylene.
3. Subsequently add mixed driers and anti-skimming agent. Requires seven (7) hours for handling and 12 hours to recoat.

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