Gilsonite printing ink

ER 125 Resin is readily soluble without heating in aromatic solvents (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and in most chlorinated solvents. It is also soluble without heating in aliphatic and low aromatic solvents (VM&P and other Napthas, Ink Oils and Mineral Spirits), but mixing time is longer. Without heating, the pulverized grade is recommended.
Films developed from ER 125 Resin have a dark color with little bronzing effect. Solutions do not thicken upon aging. ER 125 Resin is compatible with drying oils, vegetable oils, rosins, hydrocarbon resins, elastomers, asphalts, and waxes for specialty applications. It has limited solubility in most alcohols and ketones.
ER 125 Resin is available in 50 lb. and 25 kilo net multi-ply paper bags, which may be palletized and stretch wrapped. It is also available in a variety of bulk bag sizes.
Health and Saefty
ER 125 Resin is derived from Gilsonite, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon. There is no known history of dermatitis, lung disease or other health problems associated with handling of Gilsonite as supplied. Dusts are subject to combustion. Normal precautions used with flammable materials apply.
In addition to these advantages, American Gilsonite and its German ink consultants have shown that ER - 125 resin has some extraordinary ink making properties, consi dering that it is a hydrocarbon - based resin. One major advantage is that ER - 125 resin is reactive with gellation agents such that it can provide "rheological structure" to ink systems. Rheological structure is a combination of viscosity and yield value. Vi scosity is a measure of a system's resistance to flow. Yield value is a measure of a system's thixotropy. It can be thought of as a "gellification index" that tells how far away the system is from being a Newtonian liquid, like water. For example, the yiel d value of water is 0, whereas the yield value of whipped cream is very high, meaning the whipped cream has structure, or can be gelled.
The ER - 125 resin can be used to create gelled varnishes that have increased structure at a low initial tack level, a g reat benefit for fast running heatset inks. Also, these varnishes provide high gloss levels to the ink film and resist the ink degrading or breaking down when it is used on fast - running printing presses.

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