Gilsonite gravure formula

In the Chemicals Business Area, Evonik Industries is among the worldwide leading companies in specialty chemicals. It has several teams evalu ating and supporting products for printing inks and varnishes and are always in close dialogue with you, our valued customers. Evonik makes important contributions in many areas, such as TEGO VariPlus products, Carbon Black Pigments and silicas, waxes and additives for wetting, dispersing, surface control and defoaming, to help you solve problems quickly.

Our brochure is designed to help you obtain an overview of the products Evonik offers for printing inks and varnishes. Its structure helps you focus on the requirements and problems of a specifi c printing ink system.

Gilsonite resins

TEGO VariPlus products are used very widely and in great variety due to their different and mutually complementary properties. The manufacture of special resins with ketone, alcohol, acid and / or urethane groups is based on ketone-aldehyde chemistry. All products satisfy the requirements for labeling as environmentally compliant. Moreover, Evonik offers resins that are totally free of formaldehyde. All resins are non-saponifi able, neutral and hard. Because of their high softening points, TEGO VariPlus products do not form fi lms. Low in molecular weight and almost colorless, they are lightfast and exhibit good compatibility with other binders. Due to their well-balanced polarity they are soluble in a wide range of solvents. A waterborne dispersion with outstanding properties and stability, free of organic solvents, is also available.

TEGO VariPlus products can be used as grinding resins or as auxiliary resins in the let-down stage. They improve many of the properties of printing inks and overprint varnishes such as color strength and shade, transparency, gloss, hardness, ad hesion, blocking resistance and resistance to solvents or chemicals. They also increase solids content or decrease drying time. Evonik offers different grades of TEGO VariPlus products for use in solventborne, waterborne or radiation-curing printing inks.

Products of the TEGO AddBond series are special tailor-made polyesters for improving the adhesion of printing inks to metallic and plastic substrates and the intercoat adhesion of multicoat formulations. Gloss and fl exibility are demonstrably improved and, moreover, TEGO AddBond products are resistant to light, weathering and saponifi cation. There is a wide portfolio of products for solventborne, waterborne and radiation-curing formulations.

TEGO AddBond products are widely used not only in printing inks but also in can coatings, coil coatings, automotive-OEM fi nishes, industrial coatings, and lacquers for corrosion protection.

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