Gilsonite light weight Fluid loss Reducer

Gilsonite Cementing Grade has a low specific gravity, is non-porous, and impermeable. The addition of Gilsonite to cement slurries reduces the slurry weight without requiring large additions of water. The result is a superior lightweight slurry, having good compressive strength, which is especially suited for cementing weak formations and in control of lost circulation.
Cementing Grade Gilsonite is available in bulk or 50 lb. net multi-ply paper bags, which may be palletized and stretch wrapped. It is also available in bulk loaded trucks and in a variety of bulk bag sizes.
Health and Safety
Gilsonite is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon. There is no known history of dermatitis, lung disease or other health problems associated with handling of Gilsonite as supplied. Dusts are subject to combustion. Normal precautions used with flammable materials apply.

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