Synthetic Asphalt Recycled Tire
Synthetic asphalt recycled tire rubber emulsion and processes for making them

Background Of The Invention

This invention relates to improved synthetic asphalt recycled tire rubber emulsions and to processes for making these improved emulsions.
These improved emulsion are mixtures of ingredients comprising gilsonite, manmade asphaltene residiums , tall oil products including crude tall oil , tall oil, and tall oil pitch , which may be modified with petroleum asphalt, petroleum base oils, petroleum base lube oil extracts , reclaimed and recycled motor oil, reclaimed and recycled motor oil fluxes ,water, surfactant, clays and clay-like materials, chemicals , mineral filler crushed and sieve sized mineral aggregates, olymer, natural and man-made fibers, and granulated minus 10 mesh to minus 80 mesh recycled tire rubber.
The inventor herein has had in effect U.S. Pat.NO. 4,437,896 issued mar . 20, 1984,

(the 896 patent). In this referenced patent are formulations and processes for making various synthetic asphalt compositions including synthetic asphalt emulsions. The present invention comprises imprises improvements to synthetic asphalt recycled tire rubber emulsions and processes for making them. These improvement include exact formulations and processes not disclosed in, taught in , or apparent from the 896 patent , all of which have been developed after the 896 patent was granted in 1984.

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