Gilsonite in Asphalt

Gilsonite (Natural rock asphalt) is modifier of asphalt With world rapid development of highway construction, traffic is increasing, and the vehicle tends to overload of large-scale, the durability of the road and made a new use of functional requirements. At present, the commonly used Gilsonite polymer modified asphalt bitumen, by improving high temperature performance of asphalt and aggregate and bonding properties, to improve high temperature stability of asphalt pavement, low temperature cracking resistance and water damage.

In the ordinary way to add Gilsonite natural bitumen petroleum asphalt modified method is also common, due to natural asphalt coexist with the natural environment all year round, particularly stable nature, and usually has a very good road performance. Use of gilsonite natural asphalt paving asphalt, high life, high stability, high resistance to water loss and a strong resistance to erosion of the ability of micro-organisms, can significantly improve and enhance the overall performance of asphalt pavement.

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