ATDM Gilsonite Ink grade is a quick drying high gloss and corrosion resistant asphalt enamel. It is using for fully resistance to water, acids, alkalies, electrolysis and natural elements.
Gilsonite ink powder is readily soluble without heating in aromatic solvents (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and in most chlorinated solvents. It is also soluble without heating in aliphatic and low aromatic solvents (VM&P and other Napthas, Ink Oils and Mineral Spirits), but mixing time is longer. Without heating, the pulverized grade is recommended.
Films developed from Gilsonite ink powder have a dark color with little bronzing effect. Solutions do not thicken upon aging. Gilsonite ink powder is compatible with drying oils, vegetable oils, rosins, hydrocarbon resins, elastomers, asphalts, and waxes for specialty applications. It has limited solubility in most alcohols and ketones.
Gilsonite ink

Gilsonite is readily soluble without heating in solvent specilay in Xylene, Toluene and Benzene and in most chlorinated solvent. A non petroleum base newspaper printing ink comprising a blend of gilsonite flakes and tall oil fatty acids,together with carbon black pigmant. the proportion of the ink gilsonite and tall oil fatty acides may be varied as viscosity requiments change due to differeces in press speeds,newsprint characteristics and the like.The ink Gilsonite thus has readily adjustable viscosity together with an enhanced flow and penetration characterstics,while being extreamely economical to manufacture.

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