Refined Gilsonite used in toner ink

Refined Gilsonite used in toner ink

gilsonite ink toner

Gilsonite as toner printing ink

We are successfully produced refined Gilsonite to use in toner ink. To show differences of the result and performance of our refined Gilsonite with normal gilsonite we have tested both of them and the result is came out as above picture.Sample A is 4% ash content and performance is too weak and Sample B is 6.5% ash content but result is quite positive and quality accepted by Japanese ink maker.

The Gilsonite is still organic and mineral and principal advantages of the ink include the capability of printing at high press speeds, the low cost of formulation and the elimination of petroleum. The ingredient, Gilsonite, may be fed to animals and indeed, fatty acids are edible.

It is found that letterpress and offset inks having a viscosity in the range 20-over 1000 poises may be suitable. The over 1000 poises ink would be the upper limit when the inking cylinder actually contacts a reservoir of ink. Ink of such viscosity would be difficult to pump in some modern press usage. The ink viscosity is related, of course, to the density of the newspaper stock and the thickness of the page, as well as press speed.

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