gilsonite bitumen

Gilsonite usage

According to ATDM, human life has long been tied to minerals extracted from the heart of the earth. Using these materials, humans were able to expand and advance various industries. In fact, the correct knowledge of minerals has caused humans to use each of these substances in their proper place and thus lead to the growth of industry. For this reason, in this article, we want to introduce you to three important materials extracted from the heart of the mine so that you can buy it according to the use of each materials. 
Gilsonite is commonly used in the drilling of oily liquids. For the past 50 years, organophilic yarns have been used as a component to aid in the drilling of oily liquids. The oily liquids extracted from these wells can be used for cooling and lubrication, removal of cuttings and keeping the well under pressure against excessive liquid or gas ingress. Gilsonite is an oily drilling mud that consists of a continuous phase oil component, a dispersed phase water component, and an organophilic clay.

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