Gilsonite market is on shortage now

Gilsonite market is on shortage now

gilsonite mine full of water and material on shortage

Due flood in mine area only stocker and two mine has possibility of supply now. Due the shortage of Gilsonite and demand in local market price increased to double and expecting to increase more as well. Most of asphalt factories and oil well drilling companies using and argue the delay but there is no other chance till two weeks later to get Gilsonite from other miner who will come to service after taken out the water.

At this condition there should be more care against new supplier and cheaters that supply poor quality of material or even supply coal instead of Gilsonite and damage the market.

Gilsonite in USA also is on shortage and source of material is limit

Differences of price between Iran and US are too high and are not economy to replace the material from somewhere else so is better to procure only the live demand and do not stock the material now. The material using in various application and apart from batteries in Ink, cementing, Coating, Fluid loss control and asphalt industry.

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