gilsonite bitumen

Gilsonite is explosive?

Too much Gilsonite order

After bitumen price increased most of membrane companies forced to blend cheap product with bitumen to reduce the cost so they ordered too much Gilsonite and miners have no other way to increase the price.

Gilsonite mine under water

Due heavy rain in Gilsonite mine still some of the mine are nit started and there is limit of material now.

Hot weather and shortage of worker

Becuase of earth quick most of worker working in their home to repair the roof and other parts of building since it is big damaged.Right now weather is mine area is more than 50 centigrade and hard to work. 

So gilsonite price jump up and we expect in winter time be double than now so in case of any demand book the your capacity today since procurement of dry Gilsonite in winter time is headeche and really expensive.

Gilsonite price on August 2019
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