gilsonite bitumen

Gilsonite price has direct relation to oil price

Gilsonite price has direct relation to HSFO rate and normally processed Gilsonite (200 mesh and packed in bag) is 2/3 of HSFO rate EW of factory.

Price record of Gilsonite natural rock asphalt

Normally Gilsonite price is depend on vailibility and season.On wintertime when rain comming the gilsonite mine will become full of water and mine will colse but in summer time miner expoloring the Gilsonite mine and depo the material.

So in winter gilsonite price is higher than summer.

Price of Gilsonite is depend on mesh and application

Accoridng to customer order we are pulverizing and packing.Application of Gilsonite also is main case and purity is key point of Gilsonite price.

Gilsonite price and best time to buy

Iran Gilsonite price is depending on weather and inter nation market price of petroleum commodities like crude oil and bitumen price.If rain comes since the most of natural asphalt mines are belong to local people and exploring is not modern while rain coming whole of mine will get full of water and nobody could work on till dry season.

At this time stokers or anybody who has ready goods increasing the price and market will became hot. Some of customer who needs to pulverize the Gilsonite also are unable to do since it is wet and could not grind.

When is best time to buy Gilsonite?

Rainy season in mines will start from October to March and it is tropical mode.

Benefit of customers are better to buy the raw material during March to October to be in safe side and do not face with lack of product in market.

Gilsonite price has direct relation to oil price
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