sulfonated asphalt

Sulfonated asphalt is sodium asphalt sulfonated made water soluble by a unique sulfonation process. It is a versatile, total mud conditioner that stabilizes shale formations, significantly increases lubricity, lowers high temperature high pressure fluid loss (HTHP) water loss and enhances filter cake properties in both oil and water-based drilling fluids. sulphonated asphalt product can be mixed in most water-based and all oil-based and synthetic muds. Sulfonated asphalt additive is available in two different forms: Regular and Potassium enhanced. Potassium Sulfonated asphalt additive is a specially prepared potassium salt of sulfonated asphalt. In addition to providing the same unique qualities as regular Sulfonated asphalt additive, it contributes water – soluble potassium ions at approximately 400ppm/lb of product carried in the mud system. This is beneficial in those areas that require the specific action of potassium to adequately minimize water induced clay swelling. For over 52 years, the unique chemistry of Sulfonated Gilsonite additives has delivered extraordinary results in all types of drilling fluids offering the following advantages:
1. Reacts with shale to prevent or stop sloughing and swelling
2. Reduces high temperature high pressure fluid loss (HTHP) see case history
3. Produces thin compressible filter cakes
4. Significantly increases lubricity; either alone or synergistically with small amounts of oils, synthetic oils, or glycol
5. Prevents stuck drill pipe
6. Extremely temperature stable - does not have the softening point typically associated with un-reacted asphaltic additives
7. Minimal and easily distinguishable fluorescence - does not hamper well logging or core analysis
8. Will not leave oil slick, sheen or rainbow on water at offshore locations
9. No emulsifiers needed to ensure proper mixing
10. Do not need to bypass the solids control equipment while mixing
11. Reduces high temperature gelation and stabilizes mud properties

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