Organophilic Lignite

A organophilic lignite that has been coated with a chemical that renders it dispersible in oil. The treatment is usually accomplished with a type of quaternary amine compound.

Advantages of organophilic lignite

Mixes easily
Controls HTHP filtrate
Works in all types of Oil Base Muds and Synthetic Base Muds at varying concentrations
Increases the stability of fluids to temperatures above 400 F
Provides supplemental emulsion stability at high temperatures

Application                                                         Material Needed
HTHP filtrate control                                   1.0 to 10 ppb (2.85 to 28.5 kg/m3)
Supplemental emulsion stability            2.0 to 15 ppb (5.7 to 42.75 kg/m3)

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