Control fluid loss with FLC550

 Fluid loss control additive is desirable to limit the loss of water filtrate from the cement slurry to permeable formation.
This is necessary for several reasons:
To avoid a modification of the slurry properties (e.g., rheology, density, thickening time)
To allow sufficient water to be available for cement hydration
To minimize hydration of water-sensitive formations
FLC 550 proprietary blended water-soluble additive that stabilizes shale formations, aids in API fluid loss control, and lowers HTHP fluid loss in water based drilling fluids.
A proprietary aqueous dispersion of Treated Gilsonite to FLC 350. creates no dust, provides shale stability and fluid loss control, and easily disperses in drilling fluid.
An anionic, high molecular weight polymer in an emulsion form. It is used to selectively flocculate drill solids and stabilize shale formations. It is increases ROP and decreases bit wear. It is compatible with other polymers, including vinlyamide copolymers, sufonated styrene-based CMS, HEC, Xanthan Gum, Guar, modified starches, and other chemicals such as lignite and Lignosulfunate.
A premium grade high-purity proprietary blended FLC 550 additive used for rheology and shale control in drilling fluids. FLC 550 is available in regular (R) and low (LV) viscosity formulations.
A pre-gelatinized proprietary carboxymethyl ether product of natural polymers to which no preservatives have been added.

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