Gilsonite polynuclear and polycyclical aromatic

Gilsonite Resin's Content ofPolynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PNA's)Or Polycyclical Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's) PNA Concentration in mg/kg (ppm) Selects 300 Grade Alternate Foundry Grade Foundry GradePNA Type       FluorantheneBenzofluoranthene (b+j+k)Benzo(a)pyreneIndeno(1,2,3-cd)pyreneBenzo(ghi)peryleneTotal PNA's1.080.161.320.060.953.57<< [...]

December 02, 2017

Gilsonite metal content

Trace Metal Content of Gilsonite® ResinElementPercentageManganeseCopperZincCobaltNickelChromiumThalliumBariumSeleniumBismuthAntimonyBerylliumMercuryLeadCadmiumArsenic<0.0008%<0.0008%<0.0004%0.004%0.004%<0.0008%<0.001%<0.002%<0.04%<0.008%<0.008%<0.0008%0.004 ppm0.8 ppm<0.4 ppm<4.0 ppm By XRD and XRF on Gilsonite and GC machine you specify metal content of [...]

December 02, 2017

Gilsonite solubility data

Gilsonite Solubility Data  Solvent:GilsonitePercentExtraction Temperature Solvent RatioSoluble°F°C         Mineral SpiritsHeptaneHexanePentanePetroleum EtherEthanolM-Propyl AlcoholNitro MethaneNitro EthaneNitro Propane2-Nitro PropaneBenzeneTolueneCarbon TetrachlorideTrichlorethyleneFurfurylFurfuryl AlcoholCellosolveMethyl CellosolveMethyl Ethyl KetoneMethyl Diisobutyl KetoneDiisobutyl KetoneButyl [...]

December 02, 2017

Gilsonite encyclopedia

GilsoniteGilsonite (uintaite) [12002-43-6] is a natural hydrocarbon substance of the class known as asphaltites (see Asphalt), occurring as a coal-like solid which is mined much like other minerals and sold essentially in its native state.The only commercially important deposits of Gilsonite in the world are located in the Uinta Basin, in the northeast corner of Utah. From a point 6-8 km within Colorado (Rio Blanco County), the area involved extends westward about 100 km into Utah. Gilsonite occurs in veins varying in width from a few centimeters to 6 m. The veins are nearly vertical planes running in a northwest-southeast direction, and extending downward from the surface as much as 600 m. Individual veins are as long as 35 km. Elsewhere in the United Stares, minor deposits of a Gilsonite like material have been reported in [...]

December 02, 2017

Gilsonite compatibility

Resin Compatibility DataThe compatibility data of gilsonite given below has been derived from solubility parametersª. Resins are considered compatible when they have similar solubility parameters and are measured in the same solvents. Three hydrogen bonding classes were used to classify the solvents.Solubility Parameters for GilsoniteSolubility Parameters for GilsoniteWeak Hydrogen-bonding Solvents (hydrocarbons, halocarbons, nitro cpds)Medium Hydrogen-bonding Solvents (esters, ethers, ketones, glycol ethers)Strong Hydrogen-bonding Solvents (alcohols, glycols, amines, carboxylic acids) 8.0 to 9.4 (cal/cm³)^1/27.8 to 8.2 (cal/cm³)^1/2None  Gilsonite Compatibility [...]

December 02, 2017