Drilling starch composition

According to the present invention the dispersant of drilling starch composition comprises dialdehyde starch and an inorganic chromate which is effective in dispersing clayey solids in an aqueous drilling fluid, and reducing the viscosity and gel strength of the drilling fluid containing same. The drilling starch composition contains from 60 to 90 percent of dialdehyde starch and from 40 to 10 percent of the inorganic chromate, on a weight basis. A particularly pre ferred composition contains from 70 to 85 percent of the dialdehyde starch and from 30 to 15 percent of the inor ganic chromate, on a weight basis, as this composition produces the most effective results in terms of viscosity and gel strength reductionThe drilling starch composition of the drilling fluid dispersant composition of the present invention is [...]

November 12, 2019

Drilling starch uses

Drilling Starch uses:This deriative molecules provide improved high temperature fluid los performance when incorporated into well drilling fluids.It is also be used in other applications for which cellulosic polymer here to fore been employed because of their better high temperature tolerance compared to conventional Starch polymers.The picture relates to drilling starches uses in well drilling fluids and to well drilling fluids produced therefore.A drilling staches used to control fluid loss in water muds ranging from freshwater to saturated-salt to high-pH lime muds. Starches have thermal stability to about 250°F [121°C]. They are subject to bacterial attack unless protected by high salinity or bactericide. Drilling-grade natural starch [...]

November 12, 2019

Drilling starch MSDS

All the details about Drilling starch MSDS. Information contained in this literature is given in good faith, and no warranty, express or implied, is made.  Contact manufacturer listed for more information. [...]

November 12, 2019

Drilling starch specifications

Drilling starch specifications is below. [...]

November 12, 2019

Drilling starch manufacturing process

Drilling Starch Production LineLeading images demonstrate the drilling starch manufacturing process technology and equipment;Having experienced project management, technical service team and equipment installation/Provide technical expertise for  national conditions, technical services, technical training and spare parts;Technology Advantage while Drilling starch manufacturing processHigh efficiency, high yield starch, high product qualityOperational SimplicityMinimum of water and power consumptionEquipment Advantage while Drilling starch manufacturing processGood performance, high quality ,high efficiencyReliable, durableLow maintenance, simple operationPumps, motors, piping and instrumentation installed on the same [...]

November 12, 2019

Drilling starch manufacturers in india

In case of high capacity request we also have great connection with drilling starch manufacturers in india,Chinese and the other global market.Besides we are the greatest competitor in global marketting with high capacity manufacture.Our Drilling starch prices is fair because of our location.Delivery time is shorter due to high skill connections. [...]

November 12, 2019

CMC carboxymethyl cellulose HS code

HS Classifcations of Carboxymethyl cellulose HS Codes 39123100. [...]

November 11, 2019

PAC Polyanionic cellulose uses

Polyanionic cellulose is uses for many different technical applications. These PAC Polyanionic cellulose uses are depends mainly on its reaction with water content. It can use either alone or in conjunction with other components in the system to create thickening, water-binding, suspension, stabilizing and emulsifying characteristics. It also widely used in Oil drilling fluid control additives, especially in salt water wells and offshore drilling applications. PAC polyanionic cellulose uses as a combined filtration controller having HV and LV properties makes this material ideal in low solid mud, designed for fast penetration. [...]

November 06, 2019

What is PAC Polyanionic cellulose

 Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC)Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) is a high quality additive product used in all kind of drilling process such as well water and well drilling, in fresh water drilling, seawater drilling, and brine water based mud systems. It has high solubility in water and having great salt ,Calcium and Magnesium resistance. It reduced filtration loss with maximum capacity.Polyanionic Cellulose is a main product having a higher degree of carboxymethyl substitution and contains less residual NaCl than technical grade carboxymethylcellulose alone. Along with reducing filtration los, PAC Polyanionic Cellulose can also used as filtration reducer stabilizer thickness controller and suspender of agent [...]

November 06, 2019

PAC Polyanionic cellulose in drilling fluid

Polyanionic Cellulose in drilling fluid are listed as below.The drilling mud is the suspended matter of solids in the aqueous solution, and the same as other colloidal suspension dispersions, so has a certain life period. Polyanionic Cellulose can keep it stable and then prolong its life period. It has more obvious effects especially in mud suspension dispersions with dissolving salt.The drilling mud with Polyanionic Cellulose can form thin and solid shaft wall as well as filter cake with low permeability, and thus can reduce the hole shrinkage and collapse phenomena resulting from water loss of mud.PAC also prevent the pressure in drilling path. It can still keep stable with corresponding decrease of the usage amount of other chemical agents, or even within a certain range of temperature variation during the [...]

November 06, 2019

PAC Polyanionic cellulose in drilling

Polyanionic cellulose in drilling has these crucial functions• removing of cuttings from hole• lubricating and stabilizing the bore hole• taking precaution against overheat by cooling the drilling pipe• controlling of pressure to prevent the any dangerous situationThese requirements can be responded by drilling fluids formulated thanks to polymers with suspension capability , filtrate loss control to the formation, clay stabilization, and lubrication.Hav'ng specical celulose properties makes this product perfect PAC polyanionic cellulose in drilling [...]

November 06, 2019

PAC Polyanionic cellulose manufacturer

We are selller and manufacturer PAC Polyanionic cellulose.Our mission is keep live contact with customer and providing best service to PAC Polyanionic cellulose buyer and increase quality of our product. [...]

November 06, 2019