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Maximum water and weather resistance is obtained by using a paint containing gilsonite coat and the gas-proofed tung or oiticica (or mixtures of the two) oil without the addition of any other drying oil, but it is found that while this combination is commercially usable, it is difficult to brush, and it is preferred to add a viscosity reducing drying oil. For this purpose it is found that perilla oil is particularly satisfactory. Other drying oils such as linseed, soya bean, sunflower seed, [...]

Make Paint with Gilsonite Formulation

Gilsonite Paint Formulation Soy Oil Base VarnishApplicationAn inexpensive varnish base for many black and colored paint applications.PropertiesWill impart a high gloss to final coating. Gilsonite resin functions as a resin and also contributes to coloration. Will provide excellent weatherability characteristics and is ideal for exterior applications.Formulation/Method of Manufacture10% Soy Oil40% Gilsonite Resin50% Rule 66 Exempt Mineral [...]

Gilsonite® Selects 325 Grade Principal Applications Paints and Stains Protective Coatings

Gilsonite Selects 325 paint Grade PropertiesViscosity (25°C, 30% solids, Magie 470)Softening Point (ASTM E28-92)1,500-6,000 cPs154-169°C310-335°F0.25-0.40% Typical0.90% Max. Guaranteed0.2-0.5% Typical0.7% Max. Guaranteed Ash (ASTM D-271-70 M) Moisture (AGC [...]

Gilsonite Application Summary: Paints, Coatings & Stains

This page summarizes Gilsonite's applications in the bituminous paint, coatings and wood stain industries. It contains an outline which highlights Gilsonite's advantages in these markets, plus sample formulations, mixing instructions, and product performance data, etc.In the paint applications, Gilsonite is usually used in combination with bitumen (asphalt). In most cases, if Gilsonite is used alone, the final paint will be very hard and brittle after drying. If normal straight-run [...]