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Search Result : natural asphalt

What is gilsonite

Gilsonite or Asphaltum is a natural asphalt resinous hydrocarbon found in southern Turkey on 1930. This natural asphaltite is a hard Hydrocarbon and is often called a natural asphalt, asphaltite, uintaite, or asphaltum. Gilsonite is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, as well as petroleum asphalt. Due to its unique compatibility, what is Gilsonite is frequent question for somebody who does not know about this unique [...]

Gilsonite HS code

Gilsonite HS code and natural asphalt is 27149000.The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products.Some other similar product with Gilsonite HS code:Gilsonite HS code and natural bitumen , natural asphalt , natur bitumen , natur asphalt , asphaltite , asphalt gesteinmineral bitumen , natural tar , mineral [...]

Gilsonite MSDS

Gilsonite MSDS natural asphalt SDSTRADE NAME: GILSONITEAPPLICATIONS: Oil well drilling fluid additive. Fluid Loss reducerEMERGENCY TELEPHONE: 0098-21-88103560&61SUPPLIER: Avizheh technology and development of Middle East (ATDM CO LTD) P.O. Unite 1106 of Sarve Saei tower, Valiasr St. Tehran IranTELEPHONE: 0098-21-26656401FAX: 0098-21-26656254CONTACT PERSON: Samsami – Manager, Occupational Health2. COMPOSITION, INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTSINGREDIENT NAME: [...]

Natural asphalt

Natural asphalt is derived from the natural mutation of petroleum. This mutation happened a million years again under the influence of bacteria. This bacterial decomposition of petroleum resulted in reduce content of saturated hydrocarbons, mainly n-alkalenes and light oil which became heavier and more viscous , taking the form of asphalt. It is natural product a bituminous limestone in which carbonate of lime and pure natural asphalt are most intimately combined by natural agency. It is as [...]

CMC carboxymethyl cellulose

CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose or cellulose gum is a kind of cellulose with carboxymethyl groups (-CH2-COOH) bound to some of the hydroxyl groups of the glucopyranose monomers that make up the cellulose backbone. It is often used as its sodium salt, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.CMC is one of the most important water-soluble polymers with many advantages that other natural or synthetic glues do not have. It is white and flowing fine powder. İt has no smalless, tasteless, nontoxic and [...]

PAC Polyanionic Cellulose

PAC Polyanionic cellulose is a non-toxic water-soluble cellulose product using in wide areas. Its appearance is white and yellowish powder and easily soluble in both cold and hot water. It is chemically different kind of cellulose existing in wood and cotton liters. It has high resistance to salt and good heat stability. PAC Polyanionic cellulose is kind of cellulose with high uniformity and high degree substitution. It has excellent heat-resistant stability, salt tolerance and strong [...]


The bentonite products available on the market can be divided into three basic types: natural calcium or sodium activated sodium polymer-modifiedApplication of BentoniteThe most common use of bentonite is in drilling fluids. The material  in the flush fluid lubricates and cools the cutting tools while protecting against corrosion. As the drilling fluid generates hydrostatic pressure in the borehole, it hinders [...]

When you can use Gilsonite as road sealer?

When recommended to apply Gilsonite sealer?It should it be applied on none fresh new asphalt that had just been paved and is there a recommended wait period to allow the asphalt to cure before applying?From everything new asphalt shouldn’t be sealed for a few months in order to let the asphalt cure!Gilsonite pavemant sealerSealcoating or pavement sealer is liquid coating mixture that is applied to asphalt based pavement. Sealcoat or pavement sealer is a [...]