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ATDM Gilsonite Ink grade is a quick drying high gloss and corrosion resistant asphalt enamel. It is using for fully resistance to water, acids, alkalis, electrolysis and natural elements.Gilsonite ink powder is readily soluble without heating in aromatic solvents (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and in most chlorinated solvents. It is also soluble without heating in aliphatic and low aromatic solvents (VMP and other Naphtha, Ink Oils and Mineral Spirits), but mixing time is longer. Without heating, [...]

Differences between Gilsonite and ER 125 Resin

Gilsonite Resin is composed of a wide variety of different types of hydrocarbon molecules. They may be characterized into two major categories, aliphatics and aromatics. Gilsonite contains approximately 45% to 50% of each.Aliphatics are those hydrocarbons which have the carbon atoms bonded to each other in single bonds. Usually, aliphatics are drawn with the carbon atoms in straight chains with the hydrogen atoms branching off from them sideways. In Gilsonite, the aliphatic hydrocarbons [...]

Performance Comparisons of Heatset Ink Formulations

Environmental Resin ER-125 is a hydrocarbon-based resin created by ATDM Gilsonite Company for use in all types of black offset inks. The resin is soluble in aliphatic mineral distillates, comparable with hydrocarbon, phenolic and alkyd resins, and creates varnishes with low and stable viscosities. ER-125 is almost totally pure aliphatic hydrocarbon with less than 0.05 percent impurity content.AGC's research shows that Environmental Resin ER-125 can provide the heatset ink maker with [...]

Gilsonite LXP Selects Grade

Gilsonite LXP Selects Grade PropertiesViscosity (25°C, 30% solids, Magie 470)Softening Point (ASTM E28-92)500 - 900 cPs154-168°C309-335°F0.20% Typical0.30% Max. Guaranteed0.2-0.5% Typical0.7% Max. Guaranteed Ash (ASTM D-271-70 M) Moisture (AGC [...]

Gilsonite in Black Offset Inks

Environmental Resin's Performance in Low Rub Black Offset InksINTRODUCTIONThe development work covered in this article compares the use of ATDM Gilsonite Company's product, Environmental Resin ER-125, in rub- resistant web offset blacks, versus the Asian and European use of rosin modified phenolics. While phenolic systems are not common in the U.S., they can produce inks of ultimate rub resistance. With the use of suitable gelling agents, phenolic systems can be made to [...]

Gilsonite Selects 325 Grade

Principal Applications Printing Inks (Gravure, Offset) Paints and Stains Protective CoatingsPropertiesViscosity (25°C, 30% solids, Magie 470)Softening Point (ASTM E28-92)1,500-6,000 cPs154-169°C310-335°F0.25-0.40% Typical0.90% Max. Guaranteed0.2-0.5% Typical0.7% Max. Guaranteed Ash (ASTM D-271-70 M) Moisture [...]