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Gilsonite powder is oil well drilling mud additiveFor many years, Gilsonite powder has been added to drilling fluids to stabilise boreholes through shale stratigraphic intervals, preventing borehole enlargement. It is plugs micro fractures, bedding plane voids, and pore spaces and forms a thin film on the borehole wall. Gilsonite is added at about 1 to 3 kg per barrel of drilling mud. It is also reduces drill string torque and drag, and thus reduces the likelihood of [...]

Drilling fluid

The invention relates to a composition comprising an drilling Gilsonite HPHT fluid loss control aid, stable at elevated temperatures and which also acts as an excellent shale stabilizer, bore hold lubricant, sealant for depleted sand, and wall cake conditioner. The HPHT gilsonite fluid loss control aid broadly comprises a Gilsonite (asphaltite, asfaltit,Gilsonita,uintaite, natural asphalt, natural bitumen) which also contains a surfactant such as a nonionic surfactant. The HPHT [...]


A cement produced by Gilsonite is suitable for blocking or plugging an abandoned pipeline or back filling a mine shaft, tunnel or excavations contains Portland cement or a mixture of at least two components selected from Portland cement, A cementitious slurry, formulated from the cement mix, may have a density less than or equal to 1500 kg/m3, and exhibits good compressive strength.Gilsonite natural asphalt in formation of wellIn the formulation of [...]

Drilling mud

Drilling mud, additionally known as drilling fluid as a crucial item in drilling industry, plays a daring appear these days drilling, and this issue created drilling fluids and it substances a science that contains a ton of progresses in recent century. Consistent with the wide applications and importance of drilling mud, our company has established based on this and every one required materials associated with drilling fluids. usually lubricating substance are supported 2 sorts water based [...]

Bore-Plate Development

For many years, Gilsonite had been recognized by the industry as a solution to shale sloughing, hole enlargement, and borehole instability. In the early 1980s, at the request of American Gilsonite Company, owned by Chevron Corporation, the Chevron Drilling Fluids at the Drilling Technology Center, investigated how Gilsonite works under downhole conditions. A review of the testing equipment available at that time revealed there was no equipment that could accurately evaluate the action of [...]

Bore-Plate®: The Proven Solution

Bore-Plate Shale Stabilizer was developed by American Gilsonite Company with three main objectives in mind. These are: excellent shale stability, excellent reaction in a water environment (drilling fluid), and easy dispersability. These objectives were achieved and tested under the guidance of Chevron's Drilling Technology Center using the O-G-S Downhole Simulation Cell (DSC) in Houston, Texas.First, tests showed that maximum shale stability would be achieved with different [...]

Development of a Low Invasion Coring Fluid for High Permeability Sand stones

Mud-filtrate invasion during coring operations has been a major factor affecting the validity of in-situ saturations in reservoir rock. Laboratory studies have documented the possible effects of the drilling mud filtrate invasion on the rock wettability. Considerable effort has been devoted to the measurements of relative permeability by the laboratories of major oil companies or commercial laboratories. Accurate data is quite important in the projection of future reservoirs. Many different [...]

Huntington Research Centre Report

SUMMARYTest Substance : Bore- PlateTest Species : Brown shrimp (Crangon crangon)Test Type : Acute toxicity. 96 h LC 50Test Conditions : Semi-static test conditions according to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Burnham-on-Crouch, U. K.ResultsTest substance : Bore- Plate96h LC50                95% confidence limits (mg/l)    (mg/l) > [...]

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Gilsonite as a Borehole Stabilizer

by N. Davis II and C.E. Tooman, Chevron Services Co.SPE MembersCopyright 1988, IADC/SPE Drilling ConferenceThis paper was prepared for presentation at the 1988 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference held in Dallas, Texas, February 28-March 2, 1988This paper was selected for presentation by an IADC/SPE Program Committee following review of information contained in an abstract submitted by the author(s). Contents of the paper, as presented, have not been reviewed by the Society of Petroleum [...]

Sloughing Shales

Sloughing shales or heaving shales were encountered in ATDM Gilsonite Co. operations in the Hackberry Field, La. during the late 1960's. . Numerous fishing jobs because of sloughing shales plagued drilling operations, and the costs of reaming tight holes and weighting up the drilling fluids raised drilling costs substantially. One of the most common solutions to the problem was the use of relatively high mud weights, but this resulted in slow penetration rates, high mud costs, and [...]

Gilsonite help Torque and Drag Reduction Lubrication

Tests performed in the O-G-S Downhole Simulation Cell (DSC) using cores of various age and hardness in a Bore-Plate®- treated mud system indicate that Bore-Plate(a patented blend of specially-treated Gilsonite grades and other additives) can reduce the effects of drilling fluid filtrate invasion. In water based mud systems, filtrate invasion can destabilize the shales and cause many problems such as sloughing shale, borehole enlargement, stuck pipe, and excess bridging during trips. [...]