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what is differences of Gilsonite and oxidized bitumen and hard bitumen of Iraq

What is differences of Gilsonite with Hard asphalt (oxidized bitumen) and Iraq hard bitumen (Chrystal)Gilsonite is mineral products and made after 1000 of years under ground from crude oil and during these years light stuff vapored and hard and heavy component is including wax and ash plus sulfur and none aromatic contained like calcium, potassium, silica and other minerals. Physical properties of Gilsonite are bright and brittle also smell is heavy. Density of Gilsonite is more [...]

Bitumen forecast is going up

Bitumen is the Cinderella of oil products – it has gone from languishing at the bottom of the pile, while more desirable products hog the limelight — to becoming something of a star performer, relative to products such as gasoline, diesel and jet, which usually trade far above it.Part of the strength has come from good demand — road paving work is largely considered essential and has not simply stopped in many countries — while a reduction in road traffic has [...]


What is bituminous coal?Bituminous coal is a naturally occurring combustible material consisting primarily of the element of Hydrogen and carbon. It also contains low percentages of solid, liquid, and gaseous hydrocarbons and/or other materials, such as compounds of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphor. Gilsonite is usually classified into subgroups known as bituminous coal material. The physical, chemical, and other properties of Gilsonite vary considerably from sample to [...]

Natural bitumen

Natural bitumen, produced from bituminous rocks and it is a change after more than millions of years of natural mineral precipitation , under pressure and geological changes in the form of mining Having broken from the fine granular powder , light brown , where the asphalt content of about 80% to 85% , the rest are kind of limestone minerals. Natural bitumen can be used as a better modifier.High softening point can significantly improve the high temperature stability of asphalt pavement, [...]

Cold asphalt

Cold asphalt is ready to use pre-mix bituminous mixture is manufactured from selective aggregates, bitumen and a co-polymer creating a tenacious bonding material for permanent use and repairs. Asphalt in a Bag is an all weather road repair solutionis used widely round the world by the largest utility and public works departments, as well as state and provincial highway departments. Relied upon by professionals and homeowners who demand the best, permanent pavement repair material is available [...]

Bitumen membrane

Bitumen membrane sheet is made from bitumen and fiberglass plus polymers are perfect for waterproofing roofs, basements, below-ground structures, bridges and other structures. It is designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. Bitumen (asphalt or coal-tar pitch) is a mixed substance made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof.The reinforced bitumen membranes (RBM) are the ideal choice for both new build and refurbishment projects. [...]

Bitumen price

We are bitumen exporter and updating bitumen price of Turkey,Iraq,Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan,Iran in this pageTo buy bitumen and get today last updated rate please directly contact to: Mr.Salar Sabbagh on:00905551701545(WhatsApp) or email  to: salarsabbagh@atdmco.comBitumen price from December 01 2019Due many changes on fuel oil price and becuase of invironmental agreememt in France for 2020 to use less sulfur in the fuel oil must of refineries are [...]

Modified bitumen PMB

Polymer Modified bitumen or PMB capable of being employed as a binder for poured asphalt compositions, characterized in that it consists of bitumen containing approximately from 3 to 15% by weight of a copolymer of olefin and of unsaturated aliphatic ester and of unsaturated aliphatic acid, and in that it may additionally contain approximately from 3 to 40% by weight of a heavy oil.Polymer modified bitumen benefitBitumen which is a mixture of substantially different hydrocarbons with [...]

Road bitumen

Bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 is semi solid bitumen grade for construction using as paving grade in and suitable for paving and repair also for the production of asphalt pavements with below technical specification. This grade of bitumen is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. bitumen 60/70 or 80/100 is most used as raw material to make other grades of bitumen and called basic material for all other bituminous products.What is bitumen 60/70 & [...]