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Search Result : american gilsonite

How many tons of Gilsonite Iran and USA export to worldwide market?

Since American Gilsonite bankrupted and closed,most of buyer shift to Iran Gilsonite and started to procure the material from Iran market.Becuase of negative reports of American Gilsonite on Iran Gilsonite,most of buyers hesitate to even test it but step by step buyers unstrstood Iran quality is much higher than American and now they are  importing volume goods.The picture is visit of American at Iran Gilsonite mines! American gilsoniteAmerican Gilsonite exported annually [...]

Differences of American and Iranian gilsonite

Differences of American gilsonite and Iran gilsoniteTest report and compare of American Gilsonite with ATDM Iran Gilsonite in drillingA water base drilling fluid comprising water and Iran gilsonite, said iran gilsonite being prepared by reacting at a temperature between 210 softening point of at least 300 water soluble base compound for a period of time sufficient to achieve special gilsonite wherein the percent by weight of the components of said mixture is:Gilsonite [...]

American gilsonite

American Gilsonite operates as an industrial minerals company and is the world’s primary miner and processor of uintaite, a variety of asphaltite, a specialty hydrocarbon which AGC markets to industrial customers under name of “Gilsonite”. Gilsonite is a glossy, black, solid naturally occurring hydrocarbon similar in appearance to hard asphalt and is believed to be found in commercial quantities only in the Uinta Basin in northeastern Utah. Because of its unique chemical [...]