Grease oil based on Lithium Calcium Bentonite Aluminum Polyuria

Grease oil based on Lithium Calcium Bentonite Aluminum Polyuria

Lithium Grease based on lithium soap possesses many improved properties compared to the other alkali metal soaps. This grease has better water resistance properties compared to sodium grease, better high-temperature properties compared to calcium grease and excellent mechanical properties both resistance to shearing and good ability to be pumped. Although Lithium grease is more expensive to manufacture than other grease types, it offers so many advantages compared to sodium and calcium soap thickeners that extra cost is offset by improved performance.

Extreme Pressure Lithium Grease

Lithium Grease EP Lithium is multipurpose extreme pressure grease made from lithium soap stock which supplies good high and low temperature characteristics and chemical stability. The load carrying additives system contains no lead and no metals which are environmentally undesirable. This Lithium grease has high resistance to mechanical breakdown, excellent oxidation resistance, good rust protection and excellent water washout resistance.

Lithium grease produced by ATDM

Grease L ATDM 200 R

Grease L ATDM 207 EP

Grease L ATDM 207 HEP

Grease Lithium Complex R

Grease L ATDM Mix EP

Grease L ATDM EP

Grease L ATDM 237


Grease L ATDM 200 Mix R

Grease L ATDM 200 MS HR

Grease L ATDM 200 HR

Lithium complex grease soap produce by high quality viscous base oils with anti-corrosion additives and solid lubricants for its anti-corrosion, oxidation and rust properties. Particularly recommended in high temperatures and harsh conditions where the use of Lithium complex grease is limited. It also formulated by extra qualified mineral base oil with carefully selected thickener structure of lithium complex grease .

Lithium complex grease usage

For durability to extreme pressure, multipurpose, long service life grease. Exhibit superior performance in high temperature, watery conditions, low cycle and heavy loads of iron steel, mining, Types of rotary, sliding and rotary bearings, industries that require high temperature and humidity resistant greases, including steel, aluminum, mines and wheel bearings in all types of light and heavy vehicles.

Construction, chemistry, automotive bearings and chassis lubrications, marine applications, electrical engines, all industrial fields including paper machines.

Lithium complex grease Features

Lithium complex grease has High temperature stability

Excellent resistance to washing with water and moisture

Very good mechanical strength

High anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties

Excellent adhesion properties

Lithium complex color:

  1. Green
  2. Red
  3. Beige

Specification of lithium complex grease

 Lithium complex


Typical properties




Soap Type


Lithium Complex

Processed Penetration (25°C/60 Stroke)



Dropping Point, °C



Operating Temperature, °C


-20 / 200

Calcium grease

Calcium grease shows the hardness of grease which categorized in 3 grade like (NLGI 1 , NLGI2, NLGI3). Hardness of grease show with penetration which is in range of 220 up to 340 in different grade .these grades are categorized by National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI).The most commonly used grease is NLGI #3. Softer grades are often used for improved pump ability or low-temperature service, while harder grades are used where leakage or sealing are particular concerns. Calcium grease Base lubricants are known as waterproof lubricants because of their excellent water resistance. However, that waterproofing is not the ability to work underwater, but merely reflects their good resistance to water washing .calcium grease is suitable for multi-purpose use.

Calcium grease feature

  • Calcium grease Water-resistant (Waterproof grease)
  • Protects the system against to erosion and corrosion.
  • Protect metal surface very well and protects the material against to rust.
  • Ability to work in High temperature.
  • Allows high stability which is in the medium degree loads.
  • Prevents from entering the foreign materials into systems and protects the system.

In the usages where the temperature is not high, demonstrates excellent performance by providing fast and effective lubrication.

Application of calcium grease

Calcium grease used in the surroundings where the temperature is not high (<80°C ) and the water is unavoidable. Used in the low-speed straight bearings working under the normal load, medium and high-speed bearings of which working temperature is not high, low-speed straight bearings, and in the lubrications of chassis. It can alsobe used for conveyors working in the open air and water pumps.

Specification of calcium grease

calcium grease








Soap Type




Penetration (25°C/60Storke)




Dropping Point, °C, min.




Working Temperature, °C, max.




Values specified in the table are typical values and may vary based on production.

Aluminum Complex Grease

Aluminum grease is a kind of multifunction grease suited to central lubrication system due to its good pump ability. This grease is used extensively in metallurgy area. By optimization of composition and condition, the high performance aluminum complex grease is prepared. This grease possesses high dropping point, good colloidal stability, shear stability, oxidation stability, water resistance property, anti-corrosion and anti-wear property.

Aluminum Complex grease benefits

Good water resistance.

  1. Unique advantages suited to elevated temperatures.
  2. High dropping point.
  3. High ability to restructure after excursions that are above soap’s melting point.
  4. Good pump ability.
  5. Economic formulation.
  6. Low soap content.
  7. Excellent surface adhesion.
  8. Long shelf life.

Aluminum complex grease produced by ATDM

Grease A ATDM 1500

Grease A ATDM HV 100

Grease A ATDM 21

Grease A ATDM 1100

Grease Anti-Seize

Grease A ATDM 100

Bentonite Grease

Grease based on Bentonite is inorganic clay based grease for plain and rolling bearings operating at temperatures higher than those at which conventional soap based greases can be used. This grease is amber colored multipurpose Grease containing anti-corrosion and EP additives and is suitable for most conditions especially at elevated temperatures. This Grease gives excellent service life at temperatures in excess of 160°C, provided the re-lubrication period is suitable adjusted. This Grease is mostly used for fans, plumber blades underground mining, plastic injection molders, etc. Molybdenum disulfide and Graphite variants of this Grease is also available.

  1. Bentonite grease benefits
  2. High temperature resistance.
  3. None melt.
  4. Good sealing properties.
  5. Softening resistance.
  6. Good EP properties.
  7. Maintenance reduction.
  8. None leaking.

Bentonite grease produced by ATDM

Grease B ATDM 600

Grease ATDM HT 1000

Grease B ATDM 613

Compound ATDM W 1000 S

Polyurea grease

 Most commonly found in ball bearing and electric motor applications, Poyurea greases have good high-temperature performance, low compatibility and a small level of corrosion resistance.

Polyurea Grease is blended and compounded with high quality base oil, an ashless organic polyurea thickener coupled with rust and oxidation inhibitors and an extreme pressure additive system that is non-corrosive to yellow metals. This formulation provides the Polyurea Grease with the following features and benefits:

1. Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

2. Excellent high temperature performance.

3. Very good resistance to water washout and water spray-off.

4. Increased durability and shear stability versus conventional polyurea greases when subjected to mechanical shear stresses and forces.

5. Excellent rust and corrosion protection.

6. Excellent wear and extreme pressure protection.

7. A high load-carrying capacity.

8. Low noise properties.

9. Long service life and bearing life.

Polyurea Grease is recommended for use in the following applications:

· Electric motor bearings especially high output (horsepower), high load electric motors

 · Unsealed electric motor bearings operating under moist conditions

· Fin fan bearings

· High-temperature pump bearings

· Sealed-for-life bearings

· Antifriction bearings operating at high speeds (10,000 rpm and greater)

· Automotive wheel bearings, chassis parts and under hood applications such as alternators,lubricant grease oil in air conditioner compressor clutch bearings, water pumps and idler pulleys.

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